Chat with us, powered by LiveChat 1. Early Mesopotamian cities engaged in a form of __________________, where farmers contributed the | WriteDen

1. Early Mesopotamian cities engaged in a form of __________________, where farmers contributed the


1. Early Mesopotamian cities engaged in a form of __________________,  where farmers contributed their crops to public storehouses out of which workers would be paid wages in grain.

2. One of the legacies of Mesopotamia is the enduring conflict between __________________ and _________________.

3. One city-state in Mesopotamia was named Uruk.  What were some of the characteristics of this city-state?

4. Mesopotamia gave us a form of writing called ________________, which was originally used to __________________________________.

5. Writing and reading are not things everyone can do, so they create a ___________ ___________________, which means they widened the gap between classes.

6. Once writing enters the picture, you have _________________________.

7. The city-state period in Mesopotamia ended around ____________________, probably because of drought and shift in the course of rivers resulting in nomads taking over.

8. How were city-states controlled by the conquering nomads different from the originals?

9. Hammurabi ruled the new kingdom of ____________________ from 1792-1750 BCE.

10. What was Hammurabi’s main claim to fame?

11. When the Assyrians invaded and took over, they introduced the most important and durable form of political organization known as the ______________.

12. What are some characteristics of the Assyrian Army?

13. What caused the downfall of the Assyrian Empire?


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