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1 Please read ALL of the following, and then you will see your first assignment, which is also QUIZ 1. The specific informatio


Please read ALL of the following, and then you will see your first assignment, which is also QUIZ 1. The specific information for what you will submit, QUIZ 1, appears specifically at the bottom of this page. Yes, the assignment is a quiz, but first you must read everything below. OK? Get started! 1) In this course you will be writing a short research paper on an endangered animal. Think of it more as an exercise than a paper, but I will refer to it as your paper. Your paper must be based on research. It cannot be based on your own speculation, on ″I think″ or ″I believe.″ In other words, you must choose an animal that has an abundance of research that you will use. You cannot meet requirements of the paper, basically, by claiming ″There is no research″ for any of the parts of the paper. Therefore, choose a more popular animal. The animal must live outside of the USA. No USA animals, ok? 2) General requirements: 1 1/2 pages (one and one half pages minimum) – this is just the body of your paper. The 1 1/2 pages will be three paragraphs. Each paragraph will be 1/2 page long, for a total of 1 1/2 pages. With cover page, outline, and works cited page, your paper will run to 4 1/2 pages or so. Longer papers are acceptable but a longer paper doesn’t necessarily get a higher grade. If you take my 1302 English course, you will write a longer paper and you can use the information for the paper you will write here. Your grade depends on quality. However, a paper that is too short will result in a lower grade. 3) Also required: The paper will be typed, double-spaced, as a standard size Word document in 12 pt, Times New Roman. At least five sources and all five must be used. You must use quotes and paraphrases. These will be explained in detail in upcoming readings. You must have parenthetical citations in the body of the paper. MLA style is what you will use. 4) Your paper must meet the above requirements, to begin with, or it will not pass. 5) For this research essay, you will select an animal that is still alive but that is endangered and faces extinction. Choose an animal whose status is endangered (not threatened, which, officially, is not as serious as endangered). The animal must live in another country, outside of the USA (i.e., no US bald eagles), and the concentration of your work will be the animal in the wild and in wildlife preserves – not in zoos. You may discuss the animal in a zoo or zoos, but your concentration, and the point of the paper, is about the animal in the wild. Remember an animal cannot be ″going extinct,″ which is like saying something is going dead. The correct way of saying it is that an animal can be on the verge of extinction, and presently it is endangered. 6) The animal you choose must have TWO main threats. It is best, therefore, to write about a more popular animal, and be specific about which animal it is. Elephant, yes, but which elephant? Asian or African elephant? However, if you choose a cheetah, which will it be, the Asian or African cheetah? 7) You may not research a white tiger. A white tiger is a genetic variation within the tiger species. Instead, study the Siberian tiger or the Bengal tiger, and then you can study if Bengal tigers, for example, are ever white. 8) Go online for your research. Use Dallas College library databases for the best information, which can be found by going to the College library and clicking on data bases! You may also go to actual libraries (in a building, for example…) for books and magazines, but this is not likely now. 9) You must have a title page, an outline, body of paper, parenthetical citations, and a works cited page in order for the paper to receive a passing grade. These parts will be discussed in another assignment. Please make a copy of your final paper and keep it. Ready? Once you submit your animal name you may not change it unless you contact me. No changes in subject (that is, the animal you want to study) may be made without instructor approval. And so, WHAT YOU WILL DO NOW, FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, IS SUBMIT YOUR ANIMAL NAME. QUIZ 1: Please SUBMIT the name of the endangered animal you will be researching, an animal that does not live in the USA, AND, if I say ok, you will receive a 100 on quiz number one. I will confirm that I received your submission with an OK or good or a similar positive word. So what animal will you study? A red panda? An African wild dog? A blue whale? I will also use that submission from you to certify you in the course if you don′t contact me by email, but it is better if you contact me by email for certification to see, among other things, that our correspondence is in working order. Make sure you check back after I grade your paper, so you can see if I approved your animal choice.

Parts of the paper are , cover page , outline, body of the paper (the research) cited page , must be written in Times new Roman  12 pt , double space


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