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1. Sue says, ?Descartes fails to prove that the mind is, in its essential nature, entirely distinct f

1. Sue says, “Descartes fails to prove that the mind is, in its essential nature, entirely distinct from the body since he claims that the immaterial mind interacts the physical body.”

Explain Sue’s criticism and discuss critically your position of this issue.

2. Gilbert Ryle says, “Talking of the mind as a separate realm existing alongside the bodily realm is a categorical mistake.”

Smart says, “Sensation (a mental state) is nothing over and above brain processes (physical states).”

Explain the dialogue between Ryle and Smart, and discuss your position of this issue critically.

3. Scientists approach the heroic Jane to go on a secret mission to disarm a nuclear device named ANIA. The mission could be highly dangerous to Jane’s brain (though not her body), so the scientists have figured out a way to send Jane’s body (let’s call it Lotte) on the mission while leaving behind her brain (let’s call it Tess) in the lab. Heroic Jane agrees to go. Her brain is surgically removed from her body and placed in a vat. Her brain still controls her body via implants and transmitters and antennae. Jane finally goes to disarm the ANIA. Unfortunately, Lotte is destroyed in the process. Tess lives on in the vat, but is now deprived of all sensory input, and goes to sleep for a year. Then the scientists establish a connection between Tess and a new body Veatrice. (Reference: Dennett’s “Where Am I?”)

Is Jane dead? Where is she? Is Jane wherever Lotte is? Is Jane wherever Tess is? Or, is Jane wherever she thinks she is? Carefully provide your reasoning and argument. Your discussion needs your rational and philosophical justification of why you think so. Also, introduce your understanding of one of philosophers' theories, such as Descartes, Locke or Parfit, and utilize it as a justification of your claim.

4. Ted says, “I agree on Locke’s memory criterion of personal identity.”

Sonya says, “Well, I think Butler clearly undermines Locke’s thesis by criticizing Locke’s thesis is circular.”

Explain the conversation between Ted and Sonya and discuss critically your position of this issue.

5. “Paul is having a toothache.”

Considering the sentence regarding Paul, explain the behaviorist interpretation of the sentence.


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