Chat with us, powered by LiveChat 100 words reply agree or disagree While thinking about Governance for Analytics, consider the data that is u | WriteDen

100 words reply agree or disagree While thinking about Governance for Analytics, consider the data that is u

100 words reply agree or disagree

While thinking about Governance for Analytics, consider the data that is used in analytical models or data warehouses are confidential and contain personal information. Review the various possible scenarios and discuss the compliance issues with data governance? How can this help in Building a Global Analytical Capability?

Good Afternoon, 

                In this era of identity theft and individual privacy rights, the first mention of personal information (PII) drives the notion of needed extra steps. This flies in the face of efficiency and data analytical decision making speed. But the last thing a company wants to be a banner headline for the wrong reasons. Data leaks, and given the recent hacking issues, the ability to protect the information from outside entities is of paramount importance.  PII is governed by privacy laws, mostly at the state level, outside of the Privacy Act of 1974. The United Kingdom conversely has a national law protecting the information of its citizens, the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. In previous discussion posts, I outlined the need to for data sharing and the importance associated with it. While this remains true, the security aspects attached needed to be heightened or strengthened when dealing with PII. Customer’s PII should be treated with the same level, if not more, then the organization’s financials. As more information becomes cloud based, the transfer protocols additionally need to have extra security. The PII governance does not necessarily need to be restrictive in nature, but more so safeguarded. 

                Even the smallest of business almost always operate on somewhat of a global platform or are at least contingent somewhat on global forces. On the opposite side of that spectrum is the multinational corporations with footprints all over the world. These companies have already or are fast evolving their own global analytical networks. By incorporating all the aspects of the organization spanning the earth, these organizations are able to pull from every resources, employ every asset, acquire feedback from every continent, and analyze data from every facet of the operation. Building the optimal structure is already ingrained in the tempo due to the company’s reach.  Pulling resources in the form of personnel not just material, builds out the human network to remain on par (scale) with the analytical one. This is where the implementation of cloud based platforms and execution of decision making systems is seen at full speed.  Analytics allows for the entirety of the globe to be used as a conscience resource, putting labor of each stage in the correct place, and pushing products to the correct area as well. Seeing the three dimension world as a piece to the four dimensional (time) construct and operating in it as such is or should be the aim of all the organizations seeking to employ global analytics.  


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