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A concept map is a technique that allows students to understand the relationships between ideas by creating a visual map

Assignment 7.2: Concept Mapping Guide


A concept map is a technique that allows students to understand the relationships between ideas by creating a visual map. A concept map is made up of lines, boxes, circles, and/or arrows that display the relationship between concepts or elements that organize and represent knowledge. Connecting lines and text boxes have words or phrases that explain the relationship of the concepts. Visual formats assist in the interpretation of information and can aid in refining both creative and critical thinking. The Internet can be an excellent source of examples and information about concept maps.


While concept maps can be as simplistic as a pencil drawing on a piece of paper or as complex as one created in professional concept mapping software, you should use the word processing or presentation software that is installed on your computer to complete this assignment.


Before heading to the computer, you should brainstorm the concepts and sub-concepts related to your main topic. To do so, write your topic at the top of a piece of paper and list as many concepts and sub-concepts as you can think of. Do not limit yourself in this brainstorming session.


Once you have brainstormed your topic, open a new word processing or presentation file and complete the following tasks:

o Use the drawing tool to create an oval in the center of the page.

o Next, use the text or type tool to add the name of the topic to the shape. This will represent your main topic.

o Continue using the drawing tools to create a variety of shapes and connecting lines to visually depict the relationships between the main topic and the concepts and sub-concepts you have brainstormed.

o If necessary, rearrange the concepts and sub-concepts on the page in a way that makes sense to you. If you have created the connecting lines correctly, the lines will auto adjust when you move the shapes.

o For added enhancement, you can add colors to the shapes or lines to highlight important ideas or relationships.



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