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Instructions: Must include 40 articles

1. Article Identification:

– Find articles, research papers, or studies published between 2019 and 2023 that are relevant to the dissertation topic.

– Ensure the articles address one or more of the following questions related to mental health spending during the Covid-19 pandemic:

– Did the federal funding significantly respond to the Covid-related mental health crisis?

– Did the availability of mental health services increase in response to the Covid-19 mental health crisis?

– Were there racial or ethnic inequities in the distribution of mental health services in response to the Covid-19 mental health crisis?

– Were there gender inequities in the distribution of health services in response to the Covid-19 mental health crisis?

– Did racial or ethnic differences exist in suicide rates associated with the Covid-19 pandemic?

2. Fill Out the Research Chart:

– Use the provided spreadsheet or a similar format to create a research chart.

– Fill in the following fields for each selected article:

– Study Title: The title of the article.

– Year (Reference): The publication year of the article.

– Purpose of Study (1-2 sentences): Summarize the main research objective or purpose of the study.

– Quantitative/Qualitative: Indicate whether the study uses quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods.

– Sample and Sample Size: Describe the study’s sample (e.g., demographics, size).

– Methodology: Specify the research methodology employed in the study.

– Measures/Variables: List the key variables or measures analyzed in the research.

– Results: Summarize the main findings or outcomes of the study.

– Link to Study: Provide a link or citation to access the full article or research paper.

3. Collect Relevant Data:

– Conduct thorough research to locate articles that directly address the questions posed in your dissertation.

– Ensure the articles are from reputable sources and published within the specified timeframe (2019-2023).

– Retrieve the required information for each article, making sure it aligns with your research focus.

4. Organize the Data:

– Organize the completed research chart with the identified articles in a systematic manner for easy reference.

– Ensure that the data collected from each article is accurate and aligned with your dissertation’s research questions.

5. Review and Select:

– After collecting and organizing the data, review the articles to determine their relevance and quality for your dissertation.

– Select articles that provide valuable insights into your research questions and will contribute effectively to your meta-analysis.

6. Document Your Sources:

– Keep detailed records of the articles you select, including proper citations, to ensure you can reference them accurately in your dissertation.

It is my hope that by creating a comprehensive research chart, you’ll be well-prepared to conduct a thorough meta-analysis on the topic of mental health spending during the Covid-19 pandemic within communities of color.

Requirements: 40 articles