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A nurse is engaging in the evaluation phase of community health program planning. Which of the following would be part of effective completion of this phase?

Question 1 A nurse is engaging in the evaluation phase of community health program planning. Which of the following would be part of effective completion of this phase?


Question 1 options:


 Demonstrate the ability to improve the health of the participants


 Develop measureable objectives and goals before implementation


 Encourage full participation by community members


 Improve the health of the population through the program


Question 2 A nurse gathers information about the condition of homes, size of lots, neighborhood hangouts, road conditions, and modes of transportation. Which method of data collection is being used?


Question 2 options:


 Participant observation


 Windshield survey


 Focus group


 Informant interviews


Question 3 A nurse interviews the school nurses in a community to determine their roles in schools because this data is not available. Which of the following processes is the nurse using?


Question 3 options:




 Spatial data


 Primary data


 Secondary data


Question 4 A nurse is assessing the safety in the community using primary data. Which of the following data would be useful for the nurse to collect? (Select all that apply.)


Question 4 options:


 Number of billboards in the area


 Interviews with health care providers who are familiar with the community


 Observation of community members


 Nurse’s own observations


 Morbidity and mortality rates


Question 5 A nurse utilizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Healthy Communities Program. Which of the following factors should the nurse recognize that will influence the continuance of this program?


Question 5 options:




 Community participation


 Federal involvement




Question 6 A nurse performs a community assessment as part of the Community Health Promotion Model. Which of the following best describes the rationale for this action?


Question 6 options:


 To become more acquainted with the multiple factors that influence health status


 To survey the citizens in the community about their wants and needs


 To allow special interest groups a say in health policy


 To provide a narrow focus for the committee work


Question 7 A nurse is involved in implementing the Community Health Promotion Model. Which of the following best describes the action being taken by the nurse?


Question 7 options:


 Changing public policy


 Establishing a team to plan and coordinate the work


 Providing nursing diagnoses for the community


 Revising an objective for Healthy People 2020


Question 8 A nurse is using the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Which of the following situations is the nurse most likely in?


Question 8 options:


 Counseling an employee that his insurance will remain the same after changing jobs


 Supervising staff to ensure that all work has been completed


 Adhering to client confidentiality when providing care


 An employee takes additional time off of work to care for a sick family member


Question 9 A client would like to enroll in a smoking cessation program. Which of the following types of nursing centers would be most likely to provide this type of programming?


Question 9 options:


 Academic Nursing




 Comprehensive Primary Care


 Special Care


Question 10 A community health center conducts blood lead screenings on a regular basis for children under 6 years old. Which of the following best describes the level of prevention that is being used?


Question 10 options:


 Tertiary prevention


 Primary prevention


 Secondary prevention


 Health education


Question 11 A nursing faculty member is discussing the importance of joining a professional organization as a registered nurse with a group of undergraduate students. Which of the following statements would be most appropriate for the faculty member to include in this discussion?


Question 11 options:


 “All nurses should be members of the American Nurses Association.”


 “Membership in a professional organization helps nurses organize around critical health issues.”


 “Dues for professional organizations are expensive, so it is important to set aside money to pay these dues.”


 “Membership in a professional organization will foster change in legislation.”


Question 12  A nurse is working in a temporary shelter for victims following a natural disaster. Which condition is the nurse most likely to encounter?


Question 12 options:




 Communicable disease




 Injuries requiring first aid


Question 13 A nurse responds to a human-made disaster. Which of the following describes what the nurse is responding to?


Question 13 options:


 Structural collapse


 Communicable disease epidemics


 Mud slides




Question 14 A riverfront community builds a retaining wall to divert flood water away from the town. Which term describes what has happened?


Question 14 options:




 A natural disaster


 Community resilience


 Rapid needs assessment


Question 15 Which statement about disasters is true?


Question 15 options:


 They can be natural or human-made.


 They can be relieved without assistance.


 There is always injury and death when a disaster occurs.


 The timing of a disaster does not influence the types of injuries that will occur.


Question 16 A nurse strives to meet the health care needs of diverse and changing families. Which of the following best describes the consideration that should be made by the nurse?


Question 16 options:


 Provide culturally competent care


 Understand family dynamics


 Recognize that two-income parent households are less stressful


 Learn how to care for people in their homes


Question 17 A nurse is making an appointment with a family for a nursing visit. Which of the following best describes a barrier that the nurse may experience when trying to schedule this appointment?


Question 17 options:


 The assessment cannot be done unless the extended family is present.


 It may be difficult to find a convenient time for all family members to be present.


 Nurses have limited time to do home visits.


 Families are often scattered over a large area, making access difficult.


Question 18 A nurse displays pertinent family information in a multigenerational family tree format. Which of the following best describes this action?


Question 18 options:


 Family intervention


 Family assessment






Question 19 Which theory views the family as a whole with boundaries that are affected by the environment?


Question 19 options:


 Family developmental and life cycle theory


 Bioecological systems theory




 Family systems theory


Question 20 A nurse is using a genogram when assessing a family risk. Which of the following types of risks is being assessed?


Question 20 options:










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