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A one page summary of the entire business report (this should be written last) Introduction and Objective Introduce the opportunity or problem for

Sections in the business report:

Cover Page

  • Title of Report
  • Prepared for
  • Prepared by
  • Date

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

A one page summary of the entire business report (this should be written last) 

Introduction and Objective

Introduce the opportunity or problem for the company or organization

State the objective of the report (exploring a solution or opportunity along with recommendations for successful adoption) 


Present your research 

  • Secondary research: read and review scholarly, trade, or popular articles


Give an analysis of your research 

  • Add graphics in the analysis of your research, if appropriate 
  • Use an analysis technique to review your research or an aspect of your research, if appropriate (ex; SWOT Analysis, Competitive Landscape Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, MOST Analysis, etc.)

Conclusions and Recommendations

Give the conclusion of the analysis (your interpretation of what it all means) 

Offer recommendations

  • Recommendations should include what needs to be done, who needs to do it, how and when 


All references must be listed in APA format

Appendix (optional)

Add supplementary material that is not an essential part of the report itself but that may be helpful in providing a more comprehensive understanding of the topic

Style of the business report:

  • Between 10-13 pages
  • 10-12 point font
  • Labeled section headings (including subheadings if needed) 
  • Use third person pronouns and no slang. Third person pronouns—he, she, it, they—refer to someone or something being referred to apart from the speaker or the person being addressed.
  • In-text citations and “References” page needs to be in APA format


In –N-Out Burger


Institution Affiliation



The In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food chain with 171 company-owned stores in different locations such as California and Arizona (Lock, 2019). The business is a private entity that continues to appreciate a large development despite the growing rivalry in the fast-food industry. The fast-food provides its customers with quality, fresh foods in a clean environment, contributing to its excellence. However, in this case, the primary issue concerns the expansion of the business into other markets, how quickly it should expand, and whether to expand regionally or nationally. Expanding into other markets is essential for the business as it will ensure that it has access to a wider market contributing to the company's growth and increase in revenue. The main objective is to provide the company with a SWOT analysis that will help determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may impact the business. It will identify the opportunities for growth at the national and international level and provide recommendations for the In N Out burger company.


The data was extracted through secondary sources, such as journals and articles. The information included the growth prospects of the company. The data included recent articles on the In N Out Burger and information on expanding into regional and international markets. These entailed using qualitative research design to ensure that the most relevant information on the topic was identified.

SWOT analysis


The company's main strength is that it has already created a brand, ensuring that it can maintain and attract new customers by supplying high-quality items. The organization also places a premium on its employees' well-being, assuring employee satisfaction, which leads to improved customer and employee relations. In-N-Out Burger's performance in a competitive market improves due to its high product quality.


Despite their many years of success, Burger IN-N-OUT has concentrated on US customers, with no plans to expand into the international market. The firm's slow-growth strategy prevents it from gaining new potential consumers and increasing profits. Similarly, while the corporation embraces a modest growth rate to boost client happiness, this strategy has shown to result in sales losses in the broader market. It has also prevented the business from accessing new sources of income and new talents m through international markets.


Because of their hardworking customer service, it is easier to start a new business because of the worth of the company's products and their capacity to establish robust customer knowledge. As a result, the business is limited to the US market alone, demonstrating that it understands the market and what customers require. Furthermore, the organization has guaranteed that clients are provided with sufficient information about the available food.


The expression of a slow-development approach jeopardizes the company's ability to grow and profit from potential markets. Increasing costs component for working in the developed market due to environmental laws – is dealing with these costs as governments attempt to collect greater environmental fees to encourage cleaner solutions. It could result in greater shipping and packaging expenses for In-N-Out Burger (Muldoon et al., 2019 ). This could limit the company's potential to expand into new markets. Politics over the years have also impacted the company through providing donations which caused controversies among their customers.


Established Brand

Good Employee and customer relations

Quality Products


Slow growth

Losses in Market Sales


Expand into national and international markets

Sufficient Customer relations


Slow development

Environmental Laws


Conclusion and Recommendation

The SWOT analysis indicates that the company has an opportunity to expand into both regional, national and international markets. The slow development strategies impact the company’s ability to access new and relevant markets, impacting their market sales and potential for growth. The company should first expand into national and regional markets. This includes expanding into national places such as the Southeast, where the company can access a ready and potentially high market. Once it has expanded into this market, it should analyze its growth and success to help determine its ability to expand internationally.


Lock S, 2019, Fast Food Industry Market Share Worldwide, by Brand 2019, Statista.

Muldoon, M., Youdale, R., & O’Rourke, J. S. (2019). In-N-Out Burger: The Perils of Political Contribution. The Eugene D. Fanning Center for Business Communication, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.

Tyler J, 2018, These Are the Biggest Fast-Food Chains in America, Markets Insider.


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