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A population of deer on an island has a characteristic growth rateof0.07/yr

1.)(20 pts) As represented in the diagram, a plume of contaminant is located 100m away from a well. To capture the plume,the well is pumped at rate Q causing the head in the well to drop to 20m, using anequation from lectures you calculate that the head 100m away would be 25m. Assume a hydraulic conductivity (K) of 1.5m/dand a porosity (n) of 0.4.Calculate the seepage velocity (true velocity, v’) of the groundwater. Optional Bonus(3pts):How long will it take for the plume to reach the well?

2.)(15pts) A population of deer on an island has a characteristic growth rateof0.07/yr.Assume thatthe carrying capacity of island is 1,000 deer and the current population is 720 deer. What do you estimate thepopulation of deer to be 5 years from now?

3.)(20pts) A small rural populationof 50 peopleisexposed to arsenic at a concentration of 2.5mg/L in their drinking water. Assuming the typical person in that population weighs 75kg and drinks 1.5L/d of water every day of their life, what is the estimated incremental lifetime cancer risk to an individual in that population?

4.)(20pts) Cars on a highway emitNOxat a rate of 0.04g/m*s. Assuming an atmospheric stability class of B and a ground windspeed of 1.5m/s, what is the groundlevel concentration of NOx500m directly downwind?


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