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For this assignment, you will prepare a report about Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) and Service Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA).

In completing these assignments, you will perform the following:


Assume that you are working in the fiscal department of your local government and you are tasked to write a report addressed to the management to consider adopting ZBB or SEA for budget preparation in the future.

 Explain how ZBB and SEA works 

 Discuss the pros and cons of the concepts. Show both sides of the issue. 

Choose a side and argue your point of view. 

 Discuss the benefits of what you are proposing. 


 Length: minimum 3 pages – maximum 5 pages. 

 Submit your report in MS Word and follow the rules that we observe for APA writing.

 Write a report applying APA standards in writing. 

Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.