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For this paper, you will choose a specific African American (AA) subpopulation (e.g., women, transgender, children, adolescents, over 65) that experiences one of a health disparity or  inequity.  You will identify one of the five social determinants from Health People that causes or is linked to the health disparity/inequity. Determine whether youre going to focus on AAs in a particular community, state, or region. In your final research paper, you must:

Describe the AA subpopulation (e.g., demographics, size of the population, location, other details)
Describe the area of focus (e.g., community, county, state, region). 
Describe the social determinant of health (e.g., what it is, its history, current status in the U.S. and among the AA subpopulation in the location you identified)
Create a conceptual model showing the mechanism by which the social determinant influences health outcomes. (Your conceptual model must fit on one page.)
Discuss in narrative form how the social determinant leads to the health disparity that impacts the AA subpopulation youve chosen.
For extra credit (5 bonus points), you can complete the graduate student assignment below.