Chat with us, powered by LiveChat After viewing the movie 'Finding A Family'. Students will complete a family assessment ?1.? Students were encouraged to view the movie as a? 'CASE' | WriteDen

After viewing the movie ‘Finding A Family’. Students will complete a family assessment ?1.? Students were encouraged to view the movie as a? ‘CASE’

 After viewing the movie "Finding A Family". Students will complete a family assessment

 1.  Students were encouraged to view the movie as a  "CASE". 

2.  Students should have taken notes in order to complete the attached assessment.  

3.  Make sure to read the instructions carefully and complete the entire assessment.

Family Assessment Recording Assignment


• Make sure you use appropriate grammar, spelling and composition.

• Make complete sentences for each section.

• Do not leave any section blank, do not use N/A or do not state “don’t know”. When information is unknown use this as an example but put in your own words…

(The client did not disclose any information about legal issues at this time. Social Work

Student will follow up with the client in regards to any legal issues at a later date).

• Please use headings for each section…..not numbers (ex: Family Strengths, Family Structure, Presenting Problem, etc.). Points will be deducted if you do not identify

the section.

• Remember that you are completing a “family assessment”. The referred client has been identified but you still need to obtain information on each family member.

• Family Assessment and Questions should be completed separately…On a separate page from the assessment.

• A few of the main characters but not limited to…

Alex Chivescu Ms. Edinger

Ileana Nistor Henry

Ms. Carson Carlos

Principal Thomas Brent




Mr. and Mrs. Franks

Mr. and Mrs. Bante

Family Assessment Outline: “Finding a Family”

1. List the names and ages. (Identify the client and family members).

2. Identify at least 3 strength(s) of each family member (personal qualities, characteristics, talents, etc.). Give examples (ex: The client is very intelligent. He scored a 35 on his


3. Describe the family structure (relationships, what did the family look like before the problem(s) occurred, patterns of interaction, family norms, rules, family roles, etc.).

4. Identify the problem(s): (detailed description of the problem(s), onset-when did it start, duration-how long, frequency-how often, risk factors, how does the family look since

the problem occurred, why the family was referred, etc.).

5. Identify 3 areas of concern for the family and arrange in order of importance (key areas of family conflict).

6. Identify communication patterns in the family system (verbal, non-verbal, feelings, attitudes, tone, volume, perspectives, etc.).

7. Identify any cultural significance in the family system (special issues with racial/ethnic identity, religion/spirituality, traditions, morals, holidays, celebration, values, customs of

the family, etc.).

8. Identify the sociocultural make-up of the family (community involvement, social environment, societal influences, political factors, and economic factors, etc.).

9. Identify the socioeconomic status of the family (financial resources, healthcare, housing, transportation, etc.).

10. Identify social support systems for the family (friends, family, community, agencies, institutions, etc.). List them as formal or informal. Identify their role(s) within the

family system.

11. Identify the Education make-up of the family (Educational history/present/future, school involvement, degrees, school participation, etc.).

12. Identify the Employment make-up of the family (Employment history/present/future, list of skills and interest, employment history, etc.).

13. Identify any medical history of the family (diagnosis, medication, hospitalization, etc.)

14. Identify any emotional/psychiatry history of the family (diagnosis, medication, hospitalization, etc.).

15. Identify any abuse history of the family (physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect).

16. Identify any suicidal or homicidal history of the family (attempts, statements, etc.).

17. Identify any alcohol or drug abuse history of the family.

18. Identify any trauma related history of the family (incidents, accidents, deaths, placements, etc.)

19. Identify any criminal/legal history of the family (police, courts, placements, etc.)

20. Complete the following questions based on the Family Assessment Recording Assignment. Write complete sentences, use appropriate grammar/composition and

make sure answers are detailed. Utilize the Methods I textbook (Understanding

Generalist Practice) to assist with answering the following questions.

21. Describe how the client displayed resilience (from age 10-17).

22. Describe the client’s problem-solving skills (from age 10-17).

23. Discuss the client’s difficulties with social transition (from age 10-17).

24. Discuss the client’s difficulties with interpersonal conflict (from age 10-17).

25. After completion of the assessment, identify at least 3 other agencies that could have been of assistance to this family. Support your answer.

26. Describe what type of family social worker was assigned to this family (identify the agency and job title of the social worker).

27. Describe some of the duties displayed by the family social worker.

28. Describe some of the barriers the social worker encountered while assisting the family?

29. In your opinion, did the social worker provide the appropriate support to the family? Why or Why not? Give example(s).

30. If you were the family social worker at that agency, what would you have done differently to assist this family? Support your answer.

31. As the family social worker, how would you have terminated services with the family?



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