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Aladdin and Genie beside each other at the palace in front of Princess Jasmine and Dalia. Genie

Aladdin and Genie beside each other at the palace in front of Princess Jasmine and Dalia.

Genie : *Screams* 

(Giving the signal to the servants to enter)

Aladdin: Yes, here we are gifts coming right up we have spices golden camels, and spoons tiny spoons.

Dalia and Princess Jasmine looking at each other and both looking shocked and exited 

Dalia : Spoons! 

Aladdin : How can they make them that tiny 

(Looks confused)

Aladdin : We have jams! 

Jafar and his parrot: Jams? 

( Both confused and asking Aladdin)

Aladdin : Yes , jams yam jams thicc jams 

(Answering the question)

Dalia looks excited and looks at Princess Jasmine

Dalia: Yum jams! 

Aladdin: State jams seedless delicious exotic jams 

Genie looks mad and acting happy in front of them

Genie: Move away from the jams!

Aladdin looks confused and asking!

Aladdin: What?!

Genie: We have jewels

Aladdin: Jewels! We have them and that (points on another hidden gift) and continue by saying: over there hidden for suspense.

Genie looks happy that Aladdin talked about another thing than the jams and excited.

The camera angle changes to the hidden gift and the servants remove the cover from the gift and they all see it.

Aladdin: It's very expensive!

(Princess jasmine asking and wondering)

Princess Jasmine: And what do you hope to buy with this expensive?

Aladdin was nervous 

Aladdin : You! 

*Everyone looks to him and shocking about what he said*

Genie was shocked

Genie: Woow!

Aladdin: No! no no no a moment with you!

Princess Jasmine was shocked and asking Aladdin 

Princess Jasmine: Are you suggesting I'm for sale?

Aladdin : of course! (Silence for a couple of seconds) not of course not! 

Genie : Its cold and its dark in that lamp but i prefer it

**Jasmine was disappointed and saying**

Princess Jasmine: please excuse me I need to go and find some bread (with sad voice) 

(Princess Jasmine walking away)

Dalia : For the jams 

( Aladdin know that he said something bad and saying )

Aladdin: No no that's not what I meant!

Dalia with a  disappointed voice: You did great!

Aladdin: That's not what I meant!

Genie : leave them alone you didn't do great

The sultan: You will get the chance to speak again we hope you can join us tonight prince AVI (AVI was Aladdin nickname) celebrate our harvest 

Aladdin : of course your serene self , we will join you 

Genie in a sad and disappointed voice: in 10.000 years I have never that been embarrassed.


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