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#1: Analyze and interpret the diversity of social experience associated with criminology and social justice issues, especially as they relate to race, class, gender, age, sexual preference, religion and nationality.
#2: Assess competing theoretical approaches to criminology and social justice issues of publi with differing and multiple interests; specify structural or institutional sources of these criminology and social justice issues; and, propose and assess policies, interventions and/or modes of advocacy that will enact positive change.
#4: Articulate the ethical and social justice implications of criminology and justice studies.
Prompt: hooks describes the inspiration and solace she finds in graffiti art declaring, “The search for love continues even in the face of great odds” (p. xv). Where have you found similar signs that have restored your faith in love?
Upon reflection, elaborate on how these “signs” have related to your relationship with various social institutions and organizations as discussed in course material and class, aspects of your identity and histories, and the relationship between this/these signs, social locations and institutions, you, and your pential career path.