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American policymakers believe that Iran may be developing nuclear weapons.

American policymakers believe that Iran may be developing nuclear weapons. Iran has been acquiring the raw materials, building the parts, and developing the expertise necessary to build nuclear weapons. Although the government of Iran insists that its only goal is the peaceful development of nuclear energy, the United States is skeptical because Iran is a major oil producer without the need of alternative energy sources. Furthermore, the Iranian government has generally failed to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), denying it access to nuclear sites and refusing to answer questions about the suspected link between Iran’s nuclear program and the Iranian military. How should the United States respond to this development? Should it respond militarily, diplomatically, or resign itself to a nuclear Iran?




Before responding to this question, do your homework by reading the essays posted under the discussion forum tab that supports this discussion question located on the course homepage. Your post should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic. Be sure to use good English grammar and composition skills.




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U.S.-Iran Nuclear Diplomacy Going Nowhere Fast


U.S.-Iran nuclear diplomacy is going nowhere fast (


Time is running out on Iran deal



Why US may have to revive Iran deal


Iran Close To Getting Nuclear Bomb? Why US May Have To Revive 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal – YouTube


“Option 1: Use Military Action to Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Facilities”




Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, “Okay, So What if Iran Does Get Nuclear Weapons”


Okay, So What If Iran Does Get Nuclear Weapons? | Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs



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