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An aerospace company has decided to update their technology to something more modern and efficient. The segme


An aerospace company has decided to update their technology to something more modern and efficient. The segment of the task that requires your attention is in regard to the inventory system. This system will need to collect information and store it into a database for each aircraft. This particular segment focuses on the wheel assembly.

Description: An aerospace company, called AAC, is restructuring its internal technology processes. AAC is a large corporation that develops and assembles airplanes and cutting-edge craft for several markets, including commercial and defense. These craft include large passenger jets, attack aircraft, as well as spaceflight technologies.

The company has chosen to create a new database system to manage its incredibly large and complex parts inventory.

You work as an application software designer for an international corporation that has received the contract to create the system, IBN. You are the primary designer and business interface between IBN and AAC. You will design the User Interfaces that will be implemented.

IBN’s specialists have already determined which software language and database that the application will be created with. In addition, they have determined the first two modules that will be implemented: – Aircraft Information Entry and Wheel Assembly Subsystems.

Aircraft Basic Information Entry: These screens will allow for creating and editing of a new aircraft. It will include the aircraft name, first assembly date, chief designer, description of use, the primary customer, and a list of parts suppliers.

Wheel Assembly Subsystems: These screens will allow for the entry of all parts required for the assembly, the number on-hand, the price for the part, and a description of the part.


1. You will inform AAC as to the database and software language chosen by IBN to create their new application, in written form. You must detail the reasons that this database and language were chosen, without being overly technical to the AAC Technology Committee that you will be interfacing with. 

a. A single Word document detailing these requirements is sufficient. Expert sources from Deets Library and other professional credible sources will be required to substantiate these requirements. Therefore, the sources will need to be cited to acknowledge credit for their contributions for concepts, ideas, and facts. 

2. You must develop the database for the first phase of the project, providing the data structure for Aircraft Basic Information Entry, and the Wheel Assembly Subsystems. Tables should follow standard entity-relationship industry practices.

a. Submit an entity-relationship diagram detailing data structure

b. Provide a backup file of the database with your implemented data structure

3. You must develop and deliver the operational front-end that allows for the entry of the data into the first phase screens, in the language that you choose. It must be operational and connect to the database that you created in Deliverable #2.

a. Provide all code and files in zip archive, required to run the project

4. You must provide the above documentation from Deliverable #1, with installation instructions for implementing your First Phase deliverables for items #2 and #3.

a. Provide installation instructions to implement the system. This can be a single Word document


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