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An ion chromatographic analysis of that sample found it to contain 24 micrograms of NO2.

ENMT495 Global Environmental

Week 1 Quiz

Question 1          A cubic meter of air sample was sampled at 1.0 atm and 40 C.

An ion chromatographic analysis of that sample found it to contain 24 micrograms of NO2.


Calculate how many ppb of NO2 was in that air sample.


Question 2          Which of the following situations typically increase environmental impact? Check all that apply.


 Biking and walking in place of using cars


 Eating more plant-based proteins in place of meats


   Increased population


  Living in the suburbs instead of in urban areas


  Buying more stuff




Question 3          Which of the following statements are correct about technology?  Check all that apply:


  It can break the second law of thermodynamics


  It always creates some waste stream


 It is capable of creating energy from nothing


  It is capable of producing 100% efficient gadgets


 It has infinite capacity to grow




Question 4          A co-worker tells you that 400 ppm of CO2 is not a big deal.  After all, that is 0.04% of our atmospheric content.  What’s the big deal with such a small part of our atmospheric content?  Please respond in one to two sentences demonstrating your ability to think critically and analytically.




Question 5          Carbon dioxide is a criteria pollutant






Question 6          Which of the following statements are correct about the nitrogen cycle?  Check all that apply.


  Lightning oxidizes N2 to nitrogen oxides


 There are nitrogen sinks in both water and soils


  Bacteria are part of the nitrification portion of the nitrogen cycle


   Bacteria are part of the de-nitrification portion of the nitrogen cycle


  It contains nutrients such as nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia, which are essential to all life on earth.


  Humans have interrupted the nitrogen cycle with excessive use of fertilizers


Question 7          Which of the following molecule(s) would contribute to stratospheric ozone depletion?  Check all that apply.












Question 8          What was the score you earned on your Review Quiz?


Is that the score you would want for this class? Explain why or why not, consistent with your goals for this course and skills and knowledge base you might need to work on to do well in this class.


What other classes do you have left before completion of your ENMT major?


Answer:               My goal is to get A.I want my GPA at a certain level. My Review Quiz has been fully graded. Some questions demanded me to write .But l currently have 1.34/2.This is my last class. (Answers vary)


Question 9          Which of the following are consequences of present fossil fuel use in the U.S.?  (Check all that apply.)


 Stratospheric ozone depletion


  Tropospheric ozone formation


   Suburban sprawl


  Mountain top removals


   Energy insecurity




Question 10        In the overview of ENMT, I discussed the need to use science as a basis for ENMT.  Which of these statements are part of the scientific world view?  Check all that apply.


  Knowledge is constantly tested for durability and accuracy


  The world is understandable


 Correlation means causation


 Technology is the answer


   All data should be open to peer-review




Question 11        One of your classmates states: “Acid rain, is a consequent of climate change that results when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides…under go chemical reaction in our atmosphere.”  Please gently correct this classmate with clear links between relevant molecules and the consequences of having too many of each type of molecule in our atmosphere.


Question 12        Which of the following statements are correct about the water cycle?  Check all that apply.


  It purifies water.


 The urban water cycle is independent of the natural water cycle.


  Ground water flows into springs, streams, and oceans.


   It is intricately tied to climate.


   The same water molecules have cycled over and over again for millions of years.


Question 13        Which of the following statements can be considered as facts?  Check all that apply.


 Carbon dioxide, CO2, is a greenhouse gas.


 The burning of fossil fuel (or any other carbon-based fuel) releases carbon dioxide


 Human activities have been increasing CO2 emissions while taking away CO2 sinks


 Humans are too insignificant to change our planet


 Too much of anything in nature upsets her balance.


 We live in a world of infinite resources


Question 14        Of the three 3-minute videos you viewed this week on climate change, what was the most memorable part?  Explain why it was memorable and your thought on why the other two were less effective in communicating the need to take climate action.


Question 15        Which of the following statements are correct about the phosphorus cycle?  Check all that apply.


 It contains a nutrient, phosphate, which is essential to all life on earth.


 There are phosphorous sinks in both water and soils.


 One of the issues with human interruption of the phosphorous cycle is excessive runoff of phosphates.


 Phosphorous is present in all three phases, gas, solid, and liquid


 It is found as phosphorous in nature


Question 16        Check all correct statements about our present economic system


 Our economy is divorced from the ecology it depends upon


 Our economy is tied to our social values


 Our economy is sustainable


 The main measure of our economic growth is the GDP


Question 17        The pollutants responsible for acid rains are also the main causes of ocean acidification.








Question 18        Explain why greater economic impact has meant greater ecological impact in the past and thoughts on what is needed to change direction.


Question 19        Which of the following statements are correct about the carbon cycle?  Check all that apply.


  Fossil fuel was locked out of the carbon cycle for at least the past hundred thousand years


  It is essential to life on earth


   It takes your waste and uses it as a resource for other species


  Humans have disrupted the carbon cycle by emitting excessive amounts of carbon dioxide


  Humans have disrupted the carbon cycle with the use of synthetic chemicals


  Carbon has natural sinks both in the ocean and in soils




Question 20        Human bodies are part of the phosphorous, nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur cycles.






Question 21        Which of the following statements are correct about the Jevons paradox?  Check all that apply.


 It was first formulated due to increasing coal consumption despite decreasing coal reserves


 It states that technological progress increases the efficiency of resource utilization, thus enabling increased demand for that resource despite depletion of that resource.


 It has been confirmed for all natural resource use


 It states that humans continue to use natural resources as thought the are infinite even though we live in a world with finite resources


 It states that humans are emotional animals.




Question 22        Which of the following molecule(s) would contribute to global warming?  Check all that apply.












Question 23        Which of the following molecule(s) would contribute to tropospheric ozone formation?  Check all that apply.












Question 24                        Given what you have learned about the U.S. EPA, which of the following words best describe its philosophical basis?




 Risk intolerant






Question 25        Which of the following statements are correct about climate change?  Check all correct statements.


 The reason for present climate change is the same as all the past climate changes.


 It is difficult to model due to interactions between our changing atmosphere and oceans, interactions between the changing biosphere and changing climate, changes in precipitation patterns, changes in our earth’s surface


It is primarily due to increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.


 There are feedback cycles that can rapidly increase warming


 There are feedback cycles that can rapidly increase cooling


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