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You should explain the complete construction of your own digital self, to examine; how is your digital self different to your real self? This means you describe yourself as represented on all platforms, apps and all content online, produced by you, or by others.

Examples: You should apply key concepts we have learned through the previous weeks, such as:

Your measurable reputation or influence on any site (followers, views, likes, comments, your bios and connections online, etc.).
Curated content, e.g. do you exhibit your tastes and interests on Pinterest or other sites?
Visual Media, e.g. inspiring Video or images of you on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok?
Community participation, e.g. your identity, conversations on reddit, Twitter, a podcast, Facebook, blogs, or any sites where you have created an identity to add comments how would you describe the groups you belong to?
Collaborations, e.g. an Amazon, Tripadvisor, or IMDB reviewer what kind of reviewer are you?
How any other digital sources represent you, which you dont control, e.g. a school or family website, or a local newspaper story.
If you are not represented online in this way, you could add some content, allowing you to reflect on it. If you abstain from any particular digital platform, you can explain why – this can show you’re understanding too!

Citations: You should also cite the textbook reading twice in your writing (on concepts you think are relevant). You should also cite two other sources –  such as articles about the digital self which help you develop your ideas. These should be reputable publications, e.g. well known newspapers like the New York Times Links to an external site., magazines like Vanity Fair Links to an external site., or websites like Wired Links to an external site..

APA style: This paper should be attached as a Microsoft Word document, formatted in APA style. It should include a title page, abstract page, 2-3 pages of your writing (at least two full pages), then a reference list page. Please do check how to format correctly by clicking here Links to an external site..