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This week we’ve learned about the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and how they decide on controversial topics. Most SCOTUS Justices served as lawyers and judges, both of which make careers out of building and evaluating arguments. For this assignment, you will pick a topic of interest to you and develop your own argument for what you believe to be true. After writing your argumentative essay, you will present a short version to the class and your classmates will vote on whether they agree or disagree with your stance based solely on your argument. Topics: ● Is capitalism the best economic system for a country? ● Is healthcare a human right? ● Is the death penalty a just punishment? ● Does homework help students? ● Should video games be considered a sport? ● Should gym/PE be a required class? ● Should all cars be electric? ● Is it okay for people to burn the US flag? ● Should the electoral college decide presidential elections? ● What should the minimum wage in the US be? ● Should all students be required to attend four years of high school? ● Is space travel a waste of money? ● Should college be free? ● Are school vouchers a good idea? Expectations: After picking a topic you will begin researching the topic to understand both sides of the argument. You should be confident in your claim, but also familiar with the counterclaim (what the other side says). Both sides should be included in your paper. You will use evidence to support your claim and also show how the counterclaim is incorrect. Paper should be in MLA format with a Works Cited page included.