Chat with us, powered by LiveChat As you have seen in your resource examples, the conclusion section of your literature review gives a summary of your findings and will include the following: Summary of the rev | WriteDen

As you have seen in your resource examples, the conclusion section of your literature review gives a summary of your findings and will include the following: Summary of the rev


As you have seen in your resource examples, the conclusion section of your literature review gives a summary of your findings and will include the following:

  • Summary of the review
  • Recommendations for practice application
  • Recommendations for further research
  • study limitations


No Article Title Citation Design and methods Article summary Findings
1 The mental health consequences of mass shooting Sarah R. Lowe & Sandro Galea, Published on 2017. Trauma,Violence & Abuse. Sage Jounrnals. DOI: 10.1177/1524838015591572 The study method comprised of cnducting literature in psycinfo and pubmed databases. The review ids aimed at condutng a research on the mental health consequences of mass shooting The rsearch indicated that there is evidence that the events can have mental health consequences for victims and members f th affected cmmunitites, leading to increase in PTSS, depression and other psychological symptoms
2 Rapid reponse to mass shooting Paul M. Reeping, Sara Jacoby, Sonali Rajan & Charlles C. Branas. Published on 2020. American Society of Criminology. DOI: 10.1111/1745-9133.12479 The study conducted a scoping review of literature indexed by the national library of medicine's journal citation database The study evaluates the research and reports dedicated to the current evidence on rapid response optimization and mortality prevention and to inludde prehospital and in hospital efforts. The study found that when shooting occurs there are several critical steps that ned to be taken between the moment the first bullet is fired until the last victim is admitted to the hospital, by which rapid response can potentially reduce death and disablity.
3 Employee variables influencing Ru hide Fight policy knowledge retention and perceptions of preparedness in the hospital settings. Mallory Dorais & McKenzie Wood, Publishedon 26 March 2019. Crime Prevention and Community Safety. The stidy analyzes data from employees at medium sized level 111 trauma centr hospital in the Midwest. The study uses data collected via a survey to determine and assess variables that influence whether hospital employees retain knowledge related to the run hide fight policy,as well as employees peception of whether the training was adequate. The study found that the level of education, clinical versus non clinical work role, and work schedule are significant variables in determinng successful run hide fight policy implementation.
4 Mass casualty shootings and emergency preparedness: A multidisciplinary approach for an unpredicatble event. Patrick Melmer et al, Published on 2019. Journal of Multidisplinary Healthcare. The study examined deadliest mass casuality shooting incidents The study identifies the clinical importance of the interdisciplinary team interaactions and the lessons learned from past MCE experience, strengthening healthcare system readiness for such critical incidents. Hospital prepa-redness and emergency response are increasingly coordi-nated with the collaboration of different healthcare systems,emergency management, and public health agencies. This multidisciplinary approach to any mass casualty inci-dents provides practical and effectivetriage methods whileproviding critical emergency care for the injured.
5 Emergency medical services response to active shooter incidents: Provider comfort level and attitudes before and after paticipation in a focused response training program. Jones, Kue, Mitchellet al,Published on July 9, 2014. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. doi:10.1017/S1049023X14000648 Anonymous, closed format survey utilizing a five point Likert scale was distributed to participating EMS providers before and after focused training session on joint EMS policy active shooter rescue team response. This study describes the attitudes , perception, and comfort levels of EMS providers in responding to active shooter incidents before and after participation in a focused tactical awareness training program. Attitudes and perception regarding EMS active shooter incident response appear to change among providers after participation n a focused active shooter response training program.
6 Facilitating the medical response into an active shooter hot zone Martin T. Tierney, 2016) The basis for the responses utilized data collected by the U.S. military from combat injuries sustained from World War II through the current conflicts in the Middle East The analyzed the responses to consider the response times of the responders, time of access to the victims, and transport time to medical facilities. The study analyses shows that fast field intervention based on training, policy, and operational planning with the Incident Command System component, which includes both law enforcement and fire/EMS entry teams, will provide better patient viability prior to hospital care.
7 Safety 2019: Active Shooter survival Stefanie Valentic, Published on Jun 12 2019. Occupational Health And Safety, Environmental Studies. Trade Journal. The review utilized data fro m the FBI about active shooter incidents The review is an insights into the "Run, Hide, Fight" preparedness method provided attendees a basis for their emergency response plans. The review found that run hide and fight policy is effective in ensuring that peole are safe during an active shooter incident
8 Run, hide, fight or secure , preserve fight: how should healh care proffessionals ad facilities respond to active shooter incidents. Giwa et al, Published on March 202. By the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. doi: 10.1111/acem.13912 The study conducted a review of literature indexed various databases The article evaluates the most effective way of reponding to active shooter incident. The review found that when health care facilities embrace their responsibility to provide effective protection against active shooter , health care proffessionals can also fulfill their fundamental responsibility to act for the benefit of their patients.
9 Building preparedness in response to active shooter incidents: Results of focus group interviews Runhe Zhu, Gale M. Lucas, Burcin Becerik-Gerber, & Erroll G. Southsers. al,Published on 2020, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. The study was conduted in form of group interviews. The study aims at assessing the current security measures andidentify varying considerations associatedwith implementing these countermeasures. The study found that to ensure the effectiveness of countermeasures and improve safety, the participants highlighted the importance of both training and practice, for occupants and administrators.
10 Active shooter and workplace violence Kevin T. Doss & C. David Shepherd, Published on 2015. Science Direct. The study conducted a review of literature indexed various databases includin FBI The study aims at creating an understanding of why perpetrators initiate an attack, as well as what they often are thinking and some of the indicators that could have been identified before an attack are equally significant for preventing such violence The ability to recognize the triggers and actors involved in active shooter incidents is critical to mitigating the risk of such events. 



No Article Title Citation Research design and methods Article Summary Findings.
1 Active shooter awareness education and training using the best practices for nurses in acute care facilities. Amanda C., D., Published on 2019.Nursing Theses and CapstoneProjects.Grdener WebbUniversity. The study collected and used data recorded concerning incident s of mas shooting in various places.This data is mainly obtainedfromthe Federal Bureauof Invesigation( FBi) The article is basically examining the significance of the active shooter incidents preparednessto nurses in the acute healthcare system. The study finds it important for thenusres to be educated appropriately so that The study found that it is essetial for healthcare personnels working in acute healthcae facilities including nurses, to be provided with the rightedcation on handling active shooter event, for their safety, as well as patients and visitors safety too.
2 An optimization modelling framework to evaluate civilians response under active shooter violence Kerlin, Joseph G. Published on 2022. Industrial and systems engineering. Theses and Desertations. James Worth Bagley College of Engineering. The study collected panel of active shooter data that took place in a various enviroments between 1999 to 2019. The study serves the purpose of assessing the safety of people at their workplace against active shooter violence. The study proposes a machine learning optimization structure which can be used in assessng the the safety of buildings against possible active shooter incident. The perfomance of the proposed machine learning otimization framework was assessd on various storey buldings and the results indicated that the building confiquration as well as the agent behaviuors such as herding behaviour and cognitive delay, play are important role in the recovery of civilians under a crisis situation.
3 The code Silver Exercise: A low cost simulation alternative to prepare hospitals for an active shooter event Julie J. Kim,Daniel Howes,Chantal Forristal& Aandreew Willmore, Published 21 Oct 2021. Advances in simulation. DOI: The study employed a survey with total participants for the workshops, and virtual confrences via zoom. The study is an assessment of a low cost simulation alternative to prepare hospitals for an active shooter event. The Code Silver Exercise was piloted to improve the quality and emergency preparednes initiative in the hospital system. The CSE is an alternative to traditional simulation for an active shooter event that can be implemented in a sustainable way wthout affecting patient care or daily operation at larg healthcare systems.
4 Active shooter incident and action. Amy Glasofer & Linda Laskowski-jones,Published on Mar 2019. National Library of Medicine. DOI: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000553498.47779.ed The study relies on the reports from various recognized organs including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) This article provides guidance for nurses basd n recommendations from the international Nursing Coalition for mass casuality education ,best practice, and lesons learned from the experiences of hospitals that have nevigated active shooter events. The active shooter events are common, hence,there is a need to strategize on the measures to effectively mitigate this problem, there is a need to teach the nurses the ways of providig the first aid topeople in case of the mass shooting, also it is important to teach them the run, hide or fight strategy to ensure they are safer while working.
5 Active Shooter Drills in the United State: A National Study of youth Experience and perceptions. N'dea Moore-Petinak, Marika Waselewski, Blaire Alma Pterson, & Tammy Chang, Published on Oct 2020. National Library of Medicine. DOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2020.06.015 The survey was conducted using MyVoice, a national text message poll of teenagers aged 14 to 24 years old. The participants were asked five open-ended questions. Thematic analysis was used to assess qualitative data, and descriptive statistics were used to summarize quantitative data. This article is basically aiming at determining the effectiveness of staging active shooter drills . By tryng to gain information from the youths about their perception on th issue. Many youth report that active shooter drills have a negatiive effect on their emotional health and are conflivted on their effectiveness.


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