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Assessing Addiction and Models of Addiction Treatment

COUN 6202A week 3 discussion

Discussion: Assessing Addiction and Models of Addiction Treatment

Addiction assessment is a process, not a one-step action. The process is divided into two phases: screening and assessment. Screening determines if a problem exists and if there is a need for treatment and further assessment. It is usually brief and takes place when an individual is first seen. Assessment follows screening and is more specific and detailed. It is an on-going process used to evaluate the severity of the addiction, rule out the co-existence of other relevant disorders, assist in treatment planning, and monitor progress. Addiction counselors should be knowledgeable of the range of assessments available to make clinically sound judgments in selecting and administering appropriate instruments.


After assessing the client with problems with addiction, the addiction counselor uses a treatment model to address the addiction. The goal of any treatment program or approach is to stop abnormal, destructive addictive processes and replace them with healthy, constructive processes. There are many approaches available, but during the last 50 years the Minnesota Model dominated the field. It was the first formal approach to the treatment of any addiction and is now used to treat an array of chemical or behavioral addictions.


Although the Minnesota Model approach to treatment is still one of the most well-known and common treatment approaches, there are many other approaches found in the field. These approaches include those based on accepted practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy; evidence-based programs; individual, group, and family modalities; holistic therapies; acupuncture; and pharmacological approaches.


As an addiction counselor, you need to be acquainted with the trends in assessment and traditional and current treatment models.


Note: Students will be divided evenly into two groups. The Instructor will divide students into groups and inform them of which Discussion they should answer.


For Group A, review the Learning Resources for this week. Focus on the methods for assessing alcohol and substance abuse, considering the strengths and limitations of each.


Group A: Post two methods for assessing an individual’s addiction and explain why they are effective. Explain two potential limitations of each assessment method. Finally, explain how a counselor would address the limitations of each assessment method. Support your response using the Learning Resources and the current literature. Put Group A in the Subject Line of your post.


Doweiko, H. E. (2019). Concepts of chemical dependency (10th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage.


•             Chapter 28, “The Assessment of Suspected Substance Use Disorders” (pp. 389-404)


•             Chapter 31, “The Treatment of Substance Use Disorders” (pp. 424-436)


Group B: Postone model to addiction treatment and explain why it may be effective in treating addiction. Describe two potential limitations of the model of treatment. Finally, explain how a counselor would address the limitations of each treatment model.


Support your response using the Learning Resources and the current literature. Put Group B in the Subject Line of your post.


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