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Bella’s: A Case in Organizational Behavior The article about Bella’s in this unit’s studies dis


Bella's: A Case in Organizational Behavior

The article about Bella's in this unit's studies discusses employee job satisfaction and engagement. and whether the structure of the organization in question needs to change. Review this case, paying particular attention to what you learn from the employee survey. Consider the issues from the points of view of the employees, the owner, and the managers. Try to envision what it might be like to work at Bella's.

For your initial post in this discussion describe in 250–300 words.

  • Identify one aspect of the organization that you would change if you were the manager of Bella's. What you would do to improve employee satisfaction, communication, engagement or the actual structure of the organization?
  • Find at least one credible Internet article that provides guidance on implementing that type of change in an organization. Include your explanation of why you believe that approach would work.
  • Cite, and either paraphrase or quote from, your article using proper APA format.

To ensure your participation meets expectations, refer to the G.R.E.A.T. Discussion and Feedback guidelines provided in the Resources. Post your initial discussion (main post) by Thursday to allow time for your peers to respond.


Medlin, B. (2011). Bella's: A case study in organizational behavior. Journal of Business Cases and Applications, 4, 1–11.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers, and respond to at least two on a separate date from the original post. In each case, consider the approach chosen by your peer. To what extent do you think this approach is appropriate? In your opinion, is it likely to be successful in improving employee job satisfaction and engagement at Bella's? Why or why not?


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