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BG2000 Writing Workshop #1.1 (20 marks) 2/2021

BG2000 Writing Workshop #1.1 (20 marks) 2/2021




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Instructions: Refer to the sample essay on p. 43. After the first reading, look at the essay again and find the following points:


Paragraph 1:


· What is the main idea of the entire essay? Is the thesis statement clearly stated?


Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3 ( separately ):


· Is there a clear topic sentence in each paragraph that is in favour or against the main idea?


· How many supporting points are there for each topic sentence? Are appropriate transitions applied?


Paragraph 4:


· Did the writer conclude with a personal opinion?




Considerations: Make notes and prepare to write a four-paragraph essay to answer this question:


“Money can buy happiness”


Writing: Use the following points to help you write a for-and-against essay (around 250 words).


· Paragraph 1: the main idea of the entire essay with a clear thesis statement


· Paragraph 2: the topic sentence and points to support one side


· Paragraph 3: the topic sentence and points to support the opposing side


· Paragraph 4: a general statement of your opinion




[ ] I have stated my general opinion in the introduction with a clear thesis statement


[ ] I have written one paragraph for the topic and another paragraph against the topic


[ ] I have used transition words of addition (e.g. furthermore, also) and cause-effect (e.g. because, as a result)


[ ] I have re-stated my general opinion in the conclusion without repeating any of the details mentioned above


Rubric for Writing Exercises (20 marks)


Band C1


Writing Mark Scheme




focuses on how well the task has been fulfilled, in other words if they have done what they were asked to do.


· All content is relevant to the task.


· Specific reference is made to points in the question to show that the query has been addressed


· Points / arguments are put forward towards the intention of answering the question


· No irrelevances / out-of-topic points


· No omissions / all details are given


· Target reader is fully informed/addressed
















Communicative Achievement


focuses on how appropriate the writing is for the task and whether the appropriate register has been used


· Conventions of the communicative task are used effectively to hold the target reader’s attention


· Straightforward ideas are put forward


· Straightforward ideas are supported with details


· Complex ideas are put forward


· Complex ideas are supported with details


· Ideas are expressed with complex and refined language (as opposed to simple and basic)


· Tone used is appropriate for the task


· Format is appropriate for the genre
















Organization focuses on the way the piece of writing is put together, in other words if it is logical and ordered.


· Text is well organized and structure is coherent


· Appropriate cohesive devices* are used


· Organizational patterns* used to good effect


· Sequencing / flow of text or ideas is logical
















Language focuses on vocabulary and grammar; includes the range of language as well as how accurate it is.


· Accurate use of a range of everyday vocabulary


· Accurate use of a range of less common vocabulary


· Has full control in using simple grammatical forms* with flexibility and sophistication


· Has full control in using complex grammatical forms* with flexibility and sophistication


· Errors, if present, are related to less common words and structures, or occur as slips.


· Errors do not impede communication














Interpretation: The descriptors for Band 3 and above generally indicate performance of at least C1 level, whereas Bands 1 and 2 indicate that the performance does not meet C1 level, but is, in fact, still at B2 level.


Note: Writing that is plagiarized in any form shall be given a grade of 0 (zero) .


Writing that is irrelevant to the topic / instruction: a maximum of 4 marks / 20 shall be given for consolation.


Writing that is too short or too long: 2-5 marks shall be deducted from the total.


Additional comments:


Total marks =


______ / 20



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