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Big Data is Everywhere

BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers

Unit 1 Discussion

DQ1 Big Data is Everywhere

Big Data is everywhere: think about the data you are suppling to companies in your daily life. Give an example of this and hypothesize how and why this data is being analyzed.


DQ2 Business Analytics


Keeping the definitions of business analytics in mind, what has been your experience so far with analytics? What are some benefits and drawbacks you have seen?




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 2 Discussion


DQ1 Information Continuum


Pick a segment of the Information Continuum: what are some of the ways you would mitigate the challenges listed in this chapter of its implementation and use?


DQ2 Unit 2 Data Management Planning


Looking at the planning section of the USGS Data Cycle website, think about some data you would like to collect to improve your own life.  What problem are you trying to solve? Go through the data management planning section using your data selection. 




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 3 Discussion


DQ1 Displaying Data


Look at the Unit 1 Discussion Question 2: how would you display that data? Are there any modeling or performance variables that jump at to you for analyzing it?


DQ2 Data Visualization and Dashboards


What are your thoughts on The Beauty of Data visualization video?  What are you now going to thinking about while reading or creating visualizations? 




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 4 Discussion


DQ1 Business Requirement Templates


There are hundreds of sample business requirement templates and examples on-line. Search, pick two and discuss what you like, what you do not like, and how you would change them. Be sure to include links in your answers.


DQ2 Operational Reporting


The Introduction to Change Management and SDLC focuses on IT infrastructure. Take what you learn from it as well as your own reading and create a process for adjusting real time Operational Reporting.  For example, who would be involved? 




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 5 Discussion


DQ1 Excel Dashboard


Thinking about an Excel Dashboard using the data from Unit 1 and your assignment work so far, what are some design decisions you would consider for your visualizations?  What metrics or statistics would you use, have any of Excel’s functions helped to make the analysis easier?


DQ2 Coding, coders, managing


What have been your experiences with coding?  When working with groups or managing a group of programmers in an analytic role, what are some things you need to think about? What are some considerations you may have to take into account when managing people who may code in languages you do not know well? Inversely, what are some of the considerations you have to think about when being managed by someone without your coding experience?




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 6 Discussion


DQ1 Planning a data warehouse


Think about data that would be in interesting to analyze, go through the step 1-3 of 7 steps to planning a data warehouse, and explain what you would do.  If you want to stretch your research and technical skill, try to complete the rest of the steps.


DQ2 Data Warehousing and Mining


Further investigate current and future big data and/or analytic technologies that interest you. Share with the class what you find and describe some of the features and benefits.  




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 7 Discussion


DQ1 Some ethical considerations of data collecting, using and selling


Think about the amount of data an e-commerce website collects from cookies to click timing to purchase history. How do you balance the decision making and analytical power of this information with the ethics of collecting, using, and possibly selling this data?


DQ2 Data auditing and usage control




Think of a pool of data that might be collected at your current organization or an organization you would like to work for. What type of auditing would you do on this dataset and what processes would you implement to control usage?




BUS521 Business Analytics for Managers


Unit 8 Discussion


DQ1 Implementing an Analytics or Business Intelligence Program


Looking at your current role or roles you have had in the past, what are some of the roadblocks you see that would prevent an analytics or Business Intelligence program from being implemented? 


DQ2 Topics with greatest impact for you


Thinking back on the prior units, what topics interested you most? Share with the class what you think you learned that had the most direct application to your current role or a role you would like in the future. 


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