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Blindness Reflection Questions

PHHE 461 Prescott College Blindness Reflection Questions

Possible disabilities to simulate include the following:


Arm/Hand Amputation Experience what it might feel like to have no use of one hand/arm. Use only your non-dominant hand to go about your normal tasks. Try writing with a pen or pencil, typing on the computer, opening a jar with a screw-on lid, tying your shoes, etc., using only this non-dominant hand. Limited Hand Fine Motor Skills Try wearing a pair of kitchen mitts in conducting your daily activities. Blindness Use a make-shift blindfold (e.g., a rag, an old t-shirt to block out the light). Again, go about your everyday tasks. What were difficulties you encountered in navigating around your room, finding things, etc? Visual Impairment Using an old pair of glasses/sunglasses, block out the shades with pieces of paper and use your peripheral vision only. You might cut a small hole(s) in the center of the paper to simulate the experience of glaucoma or cataracts, or put Vaseline on the lenses. Reflection Questions After you’re finished with the simulation exercise, describe what exercise you did, and reflect on at least ONE of the following points:


1) What were the difficulties you encountered in conducting your normal tasks?


2) Did you find any shortcuts to accomplish your tasks while experiencing the disability?


3) In what ways might this simulation exercise make you more sensitive to others experiencing this disability?


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