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Book Analysis Assignment: Katrina by Gary Rivlin

NU510 Community Based Nursing

Week 3 Assignment 1

Using Katrina, submit your final book analysis.

Consult the Book Analysis Guidelines for complete details regarding this assignment.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

Book Analysis Assignment: Katrina by Gary Rivlin

Assignment Objectives

Synthesis of the concepts of social justice, culture, disaster preparedness, and vulnerable populations.




The analysis should include references from the Katrina book, your textbook, and one scholarly article.


Video of Interest, Bob Herbert’s Op Ed.TV A Post Katrina New Orleans with Gary Rivlin.




APA with title page and reference list.


No abstract needed.


There are two analyses, with two different due dates, on different sections of the book:


The first review (Part I) is on Chapters 1–17.


The second review (Part II) is on the remainder of the book.


Total Points


100 – Refer to rubric for grading details




Five maximum for each review (point reduction if more than five; see rubric).


Questions or Guiding Statements


Part I (due Week 03):


What does the sentence from XIV mean: “The most powerful nation on earth had failed its citizens so miserably.”


Describe the phases of disaster preparedness and how they show up, or not, in the book.


Use census and epidemiological data provided in the book to describe the area and vulnerable populations.


Which passage from the book most impacted you and why? How is it related to the objectives of the book analysis?


Part II (due Week 05):


Tell one story from the book on economy, crime, culture, or violence. Be sure to relate the story to either social justice theory or adaptation theory. Use specific examples from the book.


Use examples from the book to discuss disaster recovery. What is the role of the community health nurse and/or public health nurse related to recovery efforts?


How do politics and policy influence recovery efforts after Katrina? Relate these issues to health economics.


Describe in what ways this book will influence your citizenship and nursing practice.


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