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Briefly describe gender differences in conflict

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1. Conflict involves an expressed struggle. Discuss two negative ways one can express a struggle and two positive ways one can express a struggle.




2. What role do you believe communication has in conflict?




3. What role does interdependence play in conflict?




4. Conflict involves perceived incompatible goals. How do these goals work? Why is the word “perceived” emphasized?




5. What is a resource? Describe two examples of resources in the workplace and two examples of resources in the home.




6. In a couple of paragraphs, discuss the concept of interference.




7. Create a scenario that depicts a negative escalatory conflict spiral.




8. What words do you typically associate with the word “conflict”? What emotions are generally coupled with the concept of conflict?




9. In a paragraph, describe what your family of origin taught you about conflict and how this has effected your approach to conflict.




10. Describe five negative metaphors associated with conflict and discuss what you would expect from a person who views conflict accordingly.




11. In one paragraph each, describe three positive metaphors dealing with conflict.




12. Describe a low context culture. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How would conflict be handled?




13. Describe a high context culture. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How would conflict be handled?




14. Briefly describe gender differences in conflict.



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