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BUSI700 Business Intelligence

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Suppose you are creating a new Business Intelligence program for your facility.  The budget is adequate, and you do not have to incorporate any existing programs into the mix.  What steps would you take, what stakeholders would you include (or exclude) and how would you proceed?  Don’t worry about picking commercially available programs that already exist – assume you can find the various programs needed – what are the essential functions of such programs?


In formulating your response, consider the following – The 2004 movie “Miracle”, starring Kurt Russell, is about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team.  The movie explains how Herb Brooks, the coach, used unorthodox methods to select the individuals to be a part of the team that eventually took the gold medal from the Russian team that year.  In determining stakeholders, you would include / exclude, think about the qualities would look for in your team members, and what potentially unorthodox methods would use to ferret out the individuals that would make the best members of your team? Think about who is the most important person that you want and why?  Is there someone you would put on the team that might make others scratch their head in wonder, and why?


DQ2 What one project would you initiate and roll out to frontline staff that would serve to show that accurate data reporting is important, worthwhile, and that a BI program is an advantage to them in terms of their practice?  In other words, how are you going to convince frontline caregivers who are already overworked and overwhelmed that “counting stuff” is a worthwhile activity to add to their list of priorities?


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