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C Programming Worksheet

please read the pdf that I provided

our program will be tested by compiling it and executing it on edoras using these features and some bad input.

Your program shall be written such that it compiles and executes cleanly when using the gcc/g++ compiler on edoras. You shall create a sub-directory named “a2” in your home directory. In a2, you shall place your source files (multiple source files are required), your header file, your Makefile, and a README file (follow instructions from assignment #1 for the README file). Additionally, identify in your README file who worked on which lines of code in this project (if you used Agile/Pair programming state who was writing and who was providing input for each function/method). Your source files SHALL CONTAIN sufficient comments for making the source easy to read. Points will be taken off for poorly (or non) commented source. Your main() should be a small function (it should look like a “table of contents” for your program). Name the executable “msh”.

  • Create ~/a2 by hand.
  • Create multiple c/c++ source files, an include file, a Makefile, and a README file. Put them into ~/a2.
  • The Makefile shall create an executable by the name of msh in the same directory (~/a2).
  • The system call “system()” will NOT be allowed


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