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C107 – A&P I Task Information and Suggestions

C107 – A&P I Task Information and Suggestions


Task 1 Overview

Task 1 consists of two quizzes and a short paper. So, you will submit three documents at once to Evaluation via your course of study:


1)    Cardiovascular System Structures Quiz Results showing 10/10 as a PDF

2)    Respiratory System Structures Quiz Results showing 10/10 as a PDF

3)    Paper discussing the cardiovascular and respiratory systems



Cardiovascular and Respiratory Quizzes

Parts A and B of Task 1 are the two quizzes.

You will submit a PDF of your results for each of the click-to-identify quizzes for the respiratory system and cardiovascular system modules each with a score of 10/10.  You can retake the quizzes as many times as necessary to achieve the desired score.


This video and this handout explain how to access the quizzes and save PDF results from Anatomy Revealed. You also can practice with the information in Anatomy Revealed before taking the quizzes.   


Quiz Codes:

Cardiovascular System       Wq8X4

Respiratory System            nSzmQ




Written Part of the Task

Parts C and D of Task 1 are a short paper about the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. We suggest a paragraph about each system.

It has helped your classmates to approach the writing as if telling a story of a journey, giving directions, or imagining you are in a microscopic submarine traveling from the start of the process to the end and mentioning the structures you would pass along the way.



C1. Normal Function of Respiratory Process:


·       Trace the path of initial inhaled air into the body and provide an overview of the gas exchange process.

·       Include all the relevant gross structures and their normal functions for the process from inhalation through gas exchange to exhalation.


It is helpful to start the process where air initially enters the body, trace the path to the smallest structure of the lungs and, then, back out of the body. This course podcast is very helpful.

Trick to avoid originality issues: If one just writes the names of the structures in order, there is no risk of an originality issue as one converts that list into sentences in one’s own words.


C2. Normal Function of Gross Cardiac and Peripheral Structures:


·       Provide the path that blood travels starting at the right atrium and returning to the right atrium. 

·       Identify relevant gross cardiac and peripheral structures involved and their normal functions.

·       Include the names of and information about all four valves and chambers of the heart.

·       Mention all blood vessels that directly enter and directly leave the heart.


Note: You do not have to list the specific names of the blood vessels involved in the pathway of blood through the peripheral circulation of the body. You only need to include the types of vessels in the periphery.


Tricks for writing: It is helpful to start the process at the vessel that brings blood from the body directly into the heart and explain the route the blood will take through the heart, to the lungs, back to the heart and out to the body.


If you are stuck staring at a blank screen, try calling yourself and leaving a voicemail in which you talk through the information or pretend you are telling it to an instructor or friend. Then, you can create a rough draft as you listen to your voicemail.


Trick to avoid originality issues: Many students find using a labeled image of the heart helps because only the structures are listed. The rest of the wording of the task will be your own. Thus, originality concerns are reduced.


D. Sources:

·       The submission must include in-text citations for sources that are properly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized and a reference list that accurately identifies the author, date, title, and source location as available, including links.


See the bottom of this page for APA guidelines, citing the Acrobatiq resource and examples.






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