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Caring for aged parents can take each generation by surprise, and the ability to adopt the role of caregiver is greatly affected by numerous variables, especially when soc


Caring for aged parents can take each generation by surprise, and the ability to adopt the role of caregiver is greatly affected by numerous variables, especially when society contains few or disparate supports for older adults. Does ageism in society affect perceptions of worthiness? As science develops new means to save and extend lives, what does it mean to die with dignity? And how does socioeconomic status affect the ability for citizens to receive dignified—or any—end-of-life support? Social workers play an integral role in the social well-being of older adults, and in interpreting the policies that affect them.

This week, your Discussion focuses on a case study featuring issues related to older adults. As you did previously, you choose a perspective from which to view and discuss the case. This allows you to bring in contemporary and current viewpoints, as well as to engage with the many considerations, pressures, or issues related to any policy.

To Prepare

  • Review the case study found in the Learning Resources.
  • Adopt one of the following perspectives through which to view and discuss the case:
    • Ageism
    • Geography
    • Economic disparity
  • Research Walden Library or other sources similar to those presented in the Learning Resources to support the perspective you adopt for this Discussion.
    • Refer to the Social Welfare Policy: Search Tips site listed in the Learning Resources for tips on finding additional information.


Post a response to the following:

  • Identify one policy or program that would be relevant to the circumstances in the case study.
  • Explain how the perspective you chose (e.g., ageism, geography, economic disparity) informs:
    • The perceived need for the policy.
    • The ability to implement the policy both generally and specifically for the client in the case study.

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Perspectives on Aging Case Study The Case of Frank

Frank is an 81-year-old African American male who lives alone in a rural community. His wife died 2 years ago, and he has four adult children. His eldest son Samuel lives next door, while the other three children live within 3–10 miles from his home. Samuel prepares Frank’s meals and checks on him every day before and after work. Additionally, his other children and a neighbor try to visit him semi-regularly, as time allows during the week and weekend. One evening after returning late from work, Samuel discovered his father on the floor, injured from a fall which resulted in a minor head injury and broken hip. Frank was hospitalized for 4 weeks and then transferred to a skilled nursing facility for a month of rehabilitation. Upon completion of rehabilitation, Frank was discharged home to the care of his son. He received limited home health care services for 8 weeks. Frank had been taking several prescribed medications, including insulin and blood thinners. Although he needs assistance preparing meals from scratch and showering, he is able to heat food in the microwave, feed himself, and use the sink to bathe. Frank has expressed his desire to continue living at his home throughout the remainder of his lifetime. He often states, “I’ve raised my children in this house, and I lived in this house for over 50 years, and this is where I want to spend my final days.” His children support his wishes to age in place. However, Samuel has expressed frustration with the current circumstances. If he took a different shift at work a few days a week, he would be eligible for more money. But Samuel feels he would not be able to look after his father to the same degree that he does now and has expressed feeling conflicted and trapped. He knows his obligation partially is the result of him living next door, although Samuel has always been close to his father, so he also feels a strong desire to do all he can to help. Both Frank and Samuel report that the three other adult children do not do much beyond their semi-regular visits. A co-worker of Samuel’s encouraged him to explore community-based programs that might be able to lend assistance. Frank has urged him to do this, as well, acknowledging that his son’s devotion to him may be limiting Samuel’s ability to pursue opportunities, both at work and socially.


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