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Charles Awasu 3 posts Re: Topic 1 DQ 1 THIS IS FROM THE TEACHER ON YOUR ANSWER.

Charles Awasu  


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Tamika, Thanks for your contribution. You write that “A developed religion can be defined as an integrated system of belief, perform various forms of ritual activities, and lifestyles whereby people in this religion give meaning to their lives by orienting themselves or describing what they experience as something of great value or holy.”


From your perspective, what will you consider being the most significant contribution religion makes to society?


Bradley Bates  


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Re: Topic 1 DQ 1


Hello Class,


While I have never seen this definition of religion before, I think that it is as good as any other definition of religion that I have heard. The only part of this definition that I find somewhat confusing is the part that states “by orienting themselves to what they experience as holy, sacred, or of the highest value”. Is the text saying that the individuals regarding their lives as holy, sacred, or of the highest value is the meaning of religion? Or are they saying that by subscribing to religion it gives their lives more meaning and value? I tend to fall in line moreso with the second explanation of the two. 


While I have always regarded religion as something of a negative term due to the things that have been accomplished in the name of various religions over the years, I do not think that religion is inherently bad, its just that humans tend to ruin everything they get involved with so it was inevitable that humans would do something to spoil religion. Examples of this can be seen repeated throughout history from the Crusades of the middle ages to Heavens Gate trying to hitch a ride on the Hale bop commet. Humans have shown time and again that religions can be easily turned into something sinister which has given a negative connotation to the word “religion” for much of the population. When I was young I read a book called “Being Christian Without Being Religious”. I liked the book because it did a good job of explaining the difference between religion and Christianity and it talked about Christianity as more of a spiritual experience than a sunday ritual.








Hemeyer, J. C. (2016). Religion in America (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN-13: 9781138188075


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