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Choose one of the assigned topics and identifies one of the questions

1.       The Summary must include the following headings (see rubric for criteria under each heading):

a.       Introduction and Key Points (10 Points)

·       Choose one of the assigned topics and identifies one of the questions

·       Defines the topic and question

·       States why it is a problem

·       Information presented in logical sequence

b.       Article Search (25 Points)

·       Current (less than 5 years) and credible resource

·       Database search – terms and methods used

·       Number of articles located

·       Source outside of ATI module used

c.       Article Findings (25 Points)

·       How it addresses the topic

·       Type of research conducted

·       Findings of research

·       Why this article was chosen

d.       Evidence for Practice (25 Points)

·       Summary of evidence

·       How it will improve practice

·       How this evidence will decrease a gap to practice

·       Any concerns or weaknesses located in the evidence

e.       Sharing of Evidence (25 Points)

·       Who would you share the information with?

·       How would you share this information?

·       What resources would you need to accomplish this sharing of evidence?

·       Why would it be important to share this evidence with the nursing profession?

f.        Conclusion (20 Points)

·       Summarizes the theme of the paper

·       Information presented in logical sequence

·       All key points addressed

·       Conclusion shows depth of understanding of topic

g.       APA Style (10 Points)

·       APA style used properly for citations

·       APA style used properly for references

·       APA style used properly for quotations

·       All references are cited, and all citations have references

*NOTE: Must adhere to current APA guidelines and formatting.

h.       Writing Mechanics (10 Points)

·       No spelling errors

·       No grammatical errors, including verb tense and word usage

·       No writing errors, including sentence structure, and formatting

·       Must be all original work



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