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Choose Two Monarchs? You will compare an absolute monarch with a constitutional monarch


You may have seen magazine covers proclaiming someone or several people to be "most influential" or "people of the year." Now it's your turn! In this activity, you will be comparing two powerful monarchs that reigned between the 16th and 18th centuries. You will then create a magazine cover and write a feature article about their leadership. 

Step 1: Choose Two Monarchs 

You will compare an absolute monarch with a constitutional monarch. Select one from each list:

Absolute Monarchs

* Philip II (Spain)

* Louis XIV (France)

* Louis XVI (France)

* Ivan the Terrible (Russia)

* Peter the Great (Russia)

* Catherine the Great (Russia)

* Joseph II (Holy Roman Empire)

* Frederick the Great (Holy Roman Empire)

Constitutional Monarchs

* Charles I (England)

* Charles II (England)

* James I (England)

* James II (England)

* William and Mary (England)

Step 2: Design your Magazine Cover

Now you are ready to design your magazine cover. Use the magazine template to design your magazine cover and write your article.

Your magazine cover must:

* include one main title for the magazine issue that communicates the general theme or topic of the issue

* include one image of each of your two monarchs with a one sentence caption for each

* include one article title or ‘headline’ that compares the two monarchs you chose

Step 3: Write your Article

Use the article headline you created in Step 2 as your title. 

Your article must:

* include the article or headline title

* be at least three paragraphs in length

* contain one paragraph for each monarch to describe his or her accomplishments, challenges, rise to power, and influence

* contain one paragraph to compare the power and rule of the absolute monarch with the constitutional monarch

* cite sources outside the course, if used


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