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Compare and contrast the different types of metric tools that can be used to collect information

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This week’s content focused on metric tools. Steps for identifying, selecting, and using a metric tool were presented. The terms reliability and validity were also discussed. Phase 2 of the Case Study was also presented. Based on the information you reviewed answer the following discussion prompts. Note: You can use your own experience in searching and identifying tools for your DNP capstone project or MSN Collaborative Project in the first question of the discussion as well.


Compare and contrast the different types of metric tools (e.g., surveys, chart review, etc) that can be used to collect information. Include in your discussion the role of technology in metric tool selection and use (e.g., online survey software vs. paper and pencil collection).

Briefly describe the importance of reliability and validity in relation to data collection and analysis of outcomes.

What is the documented reliability (state the value) of the tool the clinicians selected for the project discussed in the case study? Based on this value what do you conclude about the tool?

Describe why it is necessary to code the collected data prior to statistical analysis. Provide an example of coding translation for one of the demographic data points listed in the case study.



Case Study – Phase 2


The DNP clinicians returned to the literature for a more thorough review. The clinicians concluded the intervention of the project would be individualized educational sessions addressing the client’s self-efficacy for chronic disease management. The clinicians located a tool through the Stanford Patient Education Research Center that was developed and tested to measure the clinical problem of interest. The clinicians decided to use this tool to measure the outcome of increased self-efficacy for chronic disease management. In addition, the demographic data points of age, gender, ethnicity, and use of the Internet for health information were selected to describe the characteristics of the participants of the project.


Please all references is from 2017 up wards. Also please find attached documents necessary yo use for this order. please follow instructions appropriately



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