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2. Complete the following Mindfulness Scale on day one and day the end of day three.       

mindfulattentionawarenesscale.pdf Download mindfulattentionawarenesscale.pdf 

The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) is a 15-item scale published by the University of Pennsylvania which was designed to assess a core characteristic of dispositional mindfulness, namely, open or receptive awareness of and attention to what is taking place in the present. The scale shows strong psychometric properties and has been validated with college, community, and cancer patient samples. Correlational, quasi-experimental, and laboratory studies have shown that the MAAS taps a unique quality of consciousness that is related to, and predictive of, a variety of self-regulation and well-being constructs. The measure takes 10 minutes or less to complete.

Be sure to include your results in your writing. 

3. Over the course of the three days, choose one type of mindfulness to practice each day. You decide how, when, and the duration of mindfulness to try. For example, you could try some 1-minute meditations from one of the apps listed in the resources above a few times a day or a 10-minute meditation once before going to bed. You could create your own practice that includes stretching, yoga, exercise, music, prayer, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, etc. There really is a form of mindfulness for everyone, now's the time to learn what works for you! You can try a new form of this each day or stick with the same form for all three days, it's up to you.

4. After your three days are finished, reflect on what the experience was like for you. Share the following in your writing:

  • Share your mood ratings and MAAS scores. (2 points) 
  • Describe the mindfulness practice(s) you engaged in. (1 point)
  • Spend some time analyzing any trends in your ratings and scores – did your mood ratings stay the same, did they improve or vary? How about your MAAS scores? What is the comparison from day one to day three? (1 point)
  • What did you learn about yourself, how you respond to stress, and any benefits you may have experienced from practicing mindfulness for a few days? (1 points) 
  • Explain how you may approach mindfulness going forward. How could you continue to incorporate this into your daily routine? (1 point)
  • Now that you know more about burnout, it's physical and psychological effects, which type(s) of burnout do you believe you have experienced either now or in the past? (1 point)
  • Is burnout a risk in your future career? How will you help prevent burnout knowing what you know now? (1 points)

Submission must be at least 400 words in length (2 points)