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Complete the formal analytical report that you described in your proposal.

Complete the formal analytical report that you described in your proposal. The report must do the following:

  • define a problem,
  • analyze the criteria for a satisfactory solution,
  • propose one or more alternative solutions, and
  • argue for the solution that satisfies the criteria best.

The problem may involve an institutional, technical, or public policy issue that you are working on or have worked on in your other courses; or it may be something related to an organization to which you belong, or it may be related to a job that you’ve held or now hold, or it may be a new area that you are interested in.

The solution to the problem may involve coming up with an original design, choosing between available alternatives, or providing needed information. See this report as a place to demonstrate everything that you’ve learned so far about communication in writing in this course.

This report will be done with specific parts you will finish each.

1-: Introduce the topic, discuss report writing in a broader context, and work on problem statement and factoring. Use Discussion for the student to post factors. (you will turn in a rough draft of this)

-2: Focus on research. Search terms. Sources. Incorporate library modules

(turn in a draft of at least 3-5 references you have found to support your research a list of references tur.

-3-: Focus on organizing data. Work on writing. Parts of the report. (Turn in a rough draft of all the info meaning it’s not perfect this is just to see you start to put the work together and show a working draft).

I have attached tips sheets below on how to write this with examples of this approach. WRITING FORMAL ANALYTICAL


A FAR is a technical or professional document written for government or business uses. These reports
use information from surveys, financial records, and other reliable sources to reach conclusions that
help officials and executive officers make important decisions.
Goals of FARs:
An Analytical Report accomplishes one of three main goals:
Assesses Opportunities
This kind of FAR informs decision-makers about a new, exciting, and probably successful endeavor. For
For example, you may suggest that a company that makes processed foods for human consumption could
be successful and make a profit from making pet food as well. For this report, you have to research the
new market and find examples of other companies in similar markets that might influence your path
into a new industry.
Solves Problems
Reports that solve problems do exactly what they claim: they solve problems. Using previous examples
of similar situations and weighing the options between several solutions, you should make clear
recommendations to a decision-maker based on the research compiled. For example, a business might
be faced with closing down a number of restaurants in a chain, but the person in charge of closing the
chain doesn’t want to see so many people go without jobs. What could the company do?
Supports Decisions
If your organization or business is making a big move in the near future, this report will analyze the
effects (both positive and negative) a big decision will have on the organization. If done retrospectively
— as in, the movie has already been made and there have been repercussions, good or bad — then you
may use the available data to evaluate the move.


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