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Complexity leadership is all about learning, being creative in the process instead of focusing on working all the time.

Below I have a post please provide a response. 200 words each with reference (WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS).

Your response to your peer by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. The response must enhance the discussion and use
of scholarly resources is required (text or any article from a nursing journal, or governmental cite). (NO WEBSITES ALLOWED)



Discussion 2

This week discussion topic overall is new learning to me. I did not know that leadership had so much being it. I did not know about servant-leadership which is a category I find myself in. I have always thought that I never had any leadership experience up until this point. I always thought that a leader is someone in charge like a manager or a CEO of a company. I always thought it was all about bossing someone around. After reading the articles for this week, my perspective on leadership has changed.

Complexity leadership is all about learning, being creative in the process instead of focusing on working all the time. One of the ways I am able to remind myself what complexity leadership is by thinking of a kindergarten class. The professor does not quiz the toddlers, instead the professor gives them the opportunity to do what they want, to be creative and share their work amongst themselves. Not only they are learning in the process, but they are also receiving great feedback and have the chance to voice their opinions. If conflict arises, they can voice their opinion and find a solution. That toddler will feel like he or she is in power whenever they get a chance to be creative.

Another leadership style is caring-based leadership, it is my least favorite. Dr. Anne’s example was that nurses have little to no time on the floor and in order to help a patient they have to hear their side of the story and sometimes it takes too long, and they are delegating the task to another nurse or teammate to go care for another patient. I understand the part of delegating work, but I also agree with Dr. Anne when she stated that nurses need to re-engage in the soul of nursing. The charge nurse should step in and find a solution to help these patients get good care and nothing rushed. When a nurse is delegating a task to another teammate and it is effective, that is a good style of leadership, but when management is letting the nurse do all the delegation or not step in, there is a high possibility for chaos and conflict either between nurse and patients or nurse and management (Boykin, 2012).

My practice being ICU, such things cannot happen in that department. There is no room for chaos or conflict, either with a teammate or management, or with the patient. The main priority is to care for the unconscious patient and with the little time an ICU nurse has, all their time is dedicated to care for that patient. The ICU nurse is the leader in that room, all decisions are made by that nurse for the wellbeing of the patient. There is no room for error or time to have conflict. If conflict or chaos arise, it will be easy to take care of because the nurse is only caring for one patient at a time. Also, an ICU nurse is a great example for Servant leadership. I also think in order for one to be an effective charge nurse or work in management, they have to demonstrate great skills form servant leadership. Leadership comes with effective decision making (Davis, 2018)


Boykin, A (2012). Caring-Based Nursing Leadership. February 9, 2012 (Links to an external site.)

Davis, H. J. (2018). SERVANT-LEADERSHIP DECISION-MAKING RUBRIC: A Greenleaf-Inspired Assessment Tool for Employee-Based Issues. The International Journal of Servant-Leadership, 12(1), 149-172.…


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