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Components of Ethos

COM125 Effective Speaking

Module 1 Discussion

DQ1 Components of Ethos

In the public speaking arena, Ethos represents the desire of your audience to believe you. Ethos is one of the key elements to public speaking, and without it you will lose your audience. There are four components: competence, integrity, goodwill, and dynamism.  See the handout in “Handouts and Links” for definitions of these components.


Chapter 3 in your text talks about ethical implications of what you choose to use in a speech. They even say no decision you make as a speaker is morally neutral – you will always pick a side. Then it goes on to explain many of the ways you can decrease or ruin your ethics, by failing to maintain the integrity of your ideas: plagiarism, lying, oversimplification, and propaganda devices.


After you’ve read chapter 3, choose one of the components of Ethos and describe it, in terms of the relationship you build with your audience while speaking. Be specific, in that you name things you would have to do in order to achieve that component of ethos.


Hit “Reply” to put your initial post up, and remember, it’s due before this Wednesday at 11:55pm!


Initial post should be 100 words or more, replies should be 50 words  But not TOO much more!!!


DQ2 Listening Barriers


Listening is one of the most important components of learning Effective Speaking. Why is this, you may ask? Because you can’t possibly be an effective speaker if you’re not a good listener.


What can contribute to making us a bad listener?  As you’ll see in the Chapter 2 handout, there are both internal and external barriers to listening.  Let’s compile a list of things that make us poor listeners. Each student, add a new one to the list, and then discuss one of these barriers in detail. Don’t just add the same one as someone else.


Determine whether your chosen barrier is an internal or external barrier to effective listening. Try and decide where it comes from, how it gets in between you and the message.


And perhaps most importantly, provide a solution to your chosen barrier.


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