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Conduct a case study on a location of your choice and identify sources of air or water pollution. D

 Conduct a case study on a location of your choice and identify sources of air or water pollution. Discuss any environmental laws the pollutants or polluters are violating. You will have the option to discuss a relevant factor in your location, such as environmental injustice, epigenetics, or sustainable development. This will be due at the end of Unit 7. Instructions: • Research, find, and describe a case of air or water pollution from a location of your choice from within or outside of the United States. • Discuss the pollutants and how they would be in violation of any current pollution laws or legislation in the area. If here in the United States, how they would be in violation of the Clean Air or Clean Water Acts? Or perhaps the country you have researched has no restrictions on pollution for air and water, discuss how this would further endanger the lives of humans and wildlife in the area. • Choose one (1) of the following special topics below and discuss how the source of pollution is contributing to it. Be sure to support your work with at least two (2) pieces of scientific evidence: o An Environmental Injustice o A threat to Epigenetics by potentially causing inheritable gene defects o Defies sustainable development (contributes to the degraded environment and causes harm to wildlife or the ecosystem) Requirements: • Provide multiple pieces of supporting evidence in your claims, using at least two (2) scholarly resources. • Include all references and citations formatted correctly in APA. • Project should be at least three (3) pages in length, with additional Title and Reference pages. • Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar and spelling.  


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