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Fact: As you know, conflict theorists are in reality conspiracy theorists when it comes to society and the competition of groups for the resources. Conflict theorists contrast between the privileges that the affluent enjoy versus the social and economical disadvantages minorities face. While there are many contrasts viewed in just about every single social institution or area in society between the rich and the poor, one particular bold difference is as it pertains to healthcare.


At this current time we have a deadly epidemic that is expanding very fast, and making people ill as well as killing them. This pandemic is Covid-19 (virus), and, as with other deadly plagues or pandemics (like AIDS) we see the advantages versus the disadvantages between the rich and the poor.


Definition of terms: It is important that we define “conspiracy” to give a clear explanation of what we are doing in using conflict theory. This definition is per the Oxnard English Dictionary. Now, conspiracy is defined as “the theory that an event or phenomenon occurs as a result of a conspiracy between interested parties; spec. a belief that some covert but influential agency (typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent) is responsible for an unexplained event”.


Conflict theory and feminist perspective involves levels of conspiracies; many cannot be clearly proven as to the inequality perpetrated on minorities, the poor, women, racial / ethnic minorities, etc. The point here is that while conspiracies help fuel the need and urge for social justice, the masses (people) often believe much of the conspiracy that presents an explanation to their issues or social problems they are experiencing.


Essay Instructions: I want you to CONSPIRE on the following two ideas related to the Covid-19 epidemic using the conflict theory rationale. I want you to consider chapter 14 lecture – slide 30 as resource. Slide 30 (chapter 14) illustrates the conflict theorist position on the healthcare system, and will help you with your conspiracies for this assignment.


Explain how covid-19 vaccines could be made more easily accessible for the rich and affluent; in other words, be easier facilitated to the privileged rather the most in need. Remember that you are conspiring, and so present to me your conspiracy on how this could be potentially possible.

Explain which of the five autonomous industries within the medical complex will be benefited the most from the creation of these vaccines.





Format instructions: (1) One page to two pages in length, (2) Single spaced, (3) One-inch margins (left, right, top and bottom sides), (4) Size should be 12 points, (5) Font style should be Arial or Times News Roman style.


Grading criteria: The grading will be based on two elements: content (both parts explained above in the “essay instructions” section), and format (also instructed in the above “format instructions” section).


Grading distribution: The best grade will be awarded based on the instructions followed. Twelve points (12 pts.) for the paper’s content (the two parts), and 3 points for the format instructed (length, single space, 1-inch margins, Arial or Times Roman font, size 12 pts.).


Submission instructions: Upload your file on this forum. Save your document as a Word or PDF file and make sure you followed all the instructions for this assignment. Remember that late papers will receive a late submission infraction.


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