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Contraception Discussion

Pleasereply to discussion below using apa 7th edition and 3 peer reviewed references dated less than 4 years

In the discussion of contraception with patients we must first address how the patient perceives contraception and their thoughts on what they think would work best for them. As future providers we know that each form of birth control has different mechanisms of actions as well as pros and cons for each patient. For instance, in the initial discussion of contraception providers should ask general open-ended questions to determine the patient’s perception. Open-ended questions can include future family planning, current health conditions, sexual habits, current protection from HIV/STDs, previous use of contraception, known side effects of contraception, and lifestyle habits (DHHS, 2022).

The methods of contraception range from most effective to least effective as well as use, risk, and side effects. Methods of birth control include spermicides, condoms, diaphragms, patches, oral contraceptives, injections, implants, and sterilization. In the use of birth control methods, they must either be used during each sexual encounter, ingested/injected on routine schedule, or performed by a healthcare provider. In the protection of STDs only a male and female condom can be used, but it does not always guarantee protection of sexually transmitted diseases. Common side effects of birth control methods include irritation, allergic reactions, nausea, headaches, irregular bleeding, and pain. Use of injections such as Depo-Provera has the highest occurrence of side effects to include loss of bone density, irregular bleeding, headaches, nervousness, abdominal discomfort, weight gain, and dizziness. Another form of contraception that should not be used as birth control is emergency contraception. Emergency contraception prevents 55-85% of predicted pregnancies when a regular form of birth control fails but does not guarantee to prevent pregnancy from occurring (U.S FDA, 2021).

Determining what contraceptive method works best for the patient relies on rapport with the patient and providing evidence-based practice guidelines. Explaining contraceptive efficiency, visual aids, and statistics of certain birth control methods provides effectiveness for the patient. Each form of conception should discuss the return to fertility and logistics of protection. Realistic facts such as adverse effects, cost of medications, insurance coverage, and time sensitive periods should be provided to the patient to understand everyday expectations (ACOG, 2022). A list of pros and cons can also guide the patient into understanding which medication works best for their lifestyle. Providers should answer all questions and validate any patient concerns, fears, and confusions before determining a final contraceptive method.


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