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In this assessment, you will complete a 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® narrated presentation addressing the following items.


Part 1:

Create a market-oriented mission statement using the five major characteristics suggested by Kotler et al. (2022).

Prepare a brief situational overview.

Analyze the industry using Porter’s five forces model.

Apply the four additional forces from the readings as noted by Isabelle et al. (2020). See the article in the reading area, “Is Porter’s five forces framework still relevant? A study of the capital/labour intensity continuum via mining and I.T. industries.”

Create five strategic goals using the SMART acronym.

Determine the three characteristics of an SBU to the new product/product line. Discuss whether you characterize the portfolio as specialized or diverse.


Part 2:

Determine the difference between strategy and tactics.

Prepare the target market using the 5Cs framework. Illustrate the 5Cs similar to Figure 2.2 in the text.

Describe the 3V elements of the market value principle. Design the 3V market value principle similar to Figure 2.3 in the text.

Design the seven tactics (7Ts) defining the marketing offers similar to Figures 2.4 and 2.5 in our text.

Develop an implementation strategy by outlining a process for developing resources, the market offering, and deploying the offer to the target market.

Describe how you will demonstrate at least three key performance metrics against established goals.

Prepare an executive summary. You may use this as the first slide of your presentation.

Your minimum 15-slide PowerPoint presentation must include the following:


A separate title and references slide.


Each slide should have professionally written notes below each slide substantiated with research.


Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.’


4–6 bulleted items per slide that are explained in the narration.


Use of a sans serif font like Ariel or Calibri in 24-point font.