Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Create an information page using template and example (attached). Please be thorough in addressing each topic on the template. ? ReferralandResourcesAssignmentTem | WriteDen

Create an information page using template and example (attached). Please be thorough in addressing each topic on the template. ? ReferralandResourcesAssignmentTem


Create an information page using template and example (attached). Please be thorough in addressing each topic on the template.  

Place a picture here that represents the agency.

Agency Name: Write the full name of the agency or organization here.

Population Served: Who does this agency work with? For example, it could be children, families, people struggling with addiction, people who have experienced domestic violence, people who are grieving, etc.

Programs Offered: How do they help clients? For example, do they provide case management, help with services like food stamps, job training, counseling, etc. Many services have a program name (like “Targeted Case Management” or “Adult Day Training”), so include the names of each program and what the program does.

Mission Statement: Look on the website and write their mission here.

Who Qualifies for Services: What do people need to be eligible for help? For example, do they need a documented learning disability, to make under a certain amount of money, to live in a certain county, etc.

Website: Write the agency’s website here.

Address: Write the agency’s address here.

Phone Number: Write the agency’s phone number here.

Contact Person: Who should a Human Services Professional contact if they have questions about services? The website might have this information, or you may need to call and ask. Once you find out, write the contact person’s name and contact information here.


Agency Name: Palm Beach Habilitation Center

Population Served: Adults with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

Programs Offered:

• Adult Day Training: Helps adults with disabilities gain independence and work on skills such as activities of daily living, self-advocacy and social skills

o STARS: Seniors in Transition and Retirement Services serves seniors with disabilities o ASAP: Adult Skills Acquisition Program serves those with significant disabilities that

require greater assistance and supervision • Residential Services: These services offer assistance to people with disabilities, so they can live

as independently as possible. o Supported Living: Supported Living Coaches help individuals with disabilities who are

living on their own or with a roommate in their homes and apartments in the community. They assist with money management, shopping, menu preparation, cleaning skills and use of public transportation.

o Groups Homes: PBSC has three group homes where people who need additional assistance can live full time.

• Employment Services: These services help people with disabilities get the assessment, training and support they need to be employed in the community.

o Employee Development Training Program: This time-limited program helps individuals prepare for a job in the community by addressing specific barriers to employment before it is sought.

o Supported Employment: These services are provided to individuals to help them obtain and be successful in community employment through follow-along services.

o Social Training and Employee Enhancement Resources (STEER): This program provides individuals who are in the Supported Employment program with opportunities to practice social skills, learn new skills and gain information on employment opportunities within the community.

• Training Programs: These programs provide the training needed for individuals with disabilities to learn skills needed in specific community jobs.

o Computer Training: This program provides training for those who would like to work in an office environment.

o Food Service Employment Training: This program trains those who are interested in working in food service.

o Work Training: This program trains those who are interested in working in an industrial setting.

Mission Statement: Palm Beach Habilitation Center, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization providing programs for skills training, employment, community job placement, residential services, recreational and senior activities for individuals with disabilities.

Who Qualifies for Services: Services are provided to adults with mental, physical or developmental disabilities. Individuals can participate in these programs through various payment methods including Medicaid Waiver, Vocational Rehabilitation funding and private pay.


Address: 4522 South Congress Avenue Lake Worth, FL 33461

Phone Number: (561) 965-8500

Contact Person: For more information, call (561) 965-8500 to speak with the receptionist or email [email protected]


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