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Creating Small Victories Discussion

Below I have two discussions. Discussion 1 abs 2 initial replies are due by Wednesday and the replies to my classmates are due by Friday.
You will answer Discussion 1 using questions under Day 3 and answer Discussion 2 using questions under Day 5. All initial focus using and replies to classmates buts me 3-4 a piece and at least 1 reference using APA.

Discussion 1: Organizational Change Plan

In the change process, leadership characteristics such as vision creation, communication, and empowerment are necessities. Additionally, management skills such as budgeting and project management are needed to facilitate concrete and meaningful short-term wins that keep the change momentum going. Consider the idea that it is not enough to be just a charismatic leader or an efficient manager, but that a combination of these skillsets is necessary to lead and manage lasting change. You cannot be just a good leader or just a good manager; you have to be a combination of both in order to produce short-term wins along the path to major change.


Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience. Be sure to discuss the following:

  • Explain your Organizational Change Plan Assignments from Weeks 1–5 and defend the major reason for making the change or for not making the change.
  • Assume that you have been asked to develop a collective quick win that will begin to bring together the stakeholders who buy-in to the change and the stakeholders who do not. Outline what you would do as a change agent to accomplish this quick win.
    • Summarize what you would consider to be the top priorities in creating a quick win.
    • Compare the relationship among leadership, management, quick wins, and positive change. Evaluate how these relationships help you bring the stakeholders together.
    • As a manager or leader, outline what you would do to “rally the troops” for positive change.
    • Outline the steps you would need to take to help your quick win plan succeed.

    Day 5Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

    • Provide some additional ideas your peers might consider to help ensure a successful quick win.
    • Based on your experience with change management, is there any area of your peer’s plan that needs improvement?
    • What tools or resources can your peers use to help accomplish their outlined quick win?
    • Think about your own quick win. Is there anything your peers outlined or discussed that could help you to achieve your outlined quick win? If so, what and how can you revise your plan to include your peer’s ideas?

    Discussion 2: The Rational Approach Model vs. Other Change Management Models

    During Weeks 1–5, we have focused on the Rational Approach Model for planning and implementing change. For this Discussion, focus on other change management models and think about how they can be used to strengthen your change plan. Are there any areas where the Rational Approach Model might fall short? Are there other change models you could use to achieve sustained change?To prepare for this Discussion:As you prepare for this Discussion, you will need to objectively critique your planned change through the lens of other change models. You will begin by categorizing the type of change that you have proposed from Mathur (2013). Next, you will use the Graetz & Smith (2010) article to identify which 2–3 philosophies of change most match your perspective of change. Then, you will compare these different change models to the Rational Approach Model. Finally, you will apply these new philosophies to your proposed change plan and conclude how they may enhance or hinder your plan.

  • DAY 5

    Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience. Be sure to discuss the following:

    • Categorize the type of change that you have proposed for your organization and provide evidence for this categorization using the Mathur (2013) article.
    • Identify which of the Graetz & Smith (2010) philosophies of change match your perspective of change.
    • Compare how these different approaches to change relate to or differ from the Rational Approach Model within the context of your proposed change.
    • Apply the identified philosophies to your proposed change. Analyze how well they “fit” the type of change that is being proposed, and identify any areas of weakness you have found within your proposed change.
    • Conclude whether an approach, other than the Rational Approach Model, might better fit your organization and your proposed change. If not, explain how the Rational Approach Model is most appropriate in this instance.

    Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources as well as other credible resources you have read or to what you have observed and experienced.General Guidance: Your original post, due by Day 5, will typically be 3 or 4 paragraphs in length, as a general expectation/estimate. Refer to the Week 6 Discussion 2 Rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.Read a selection of your peers’ postings.

    BY DAY 7

    Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

    • What consistencies or inconsistencies do you see in the argument your colleague has presented for which approach to change is best?
    • Propose a change philosophy that might complement or replace the one(s) your colleague chose to provide greater coherence to your colleague’s argument.
    • Share insights gained as you read your colleague’s approach to change.
    • Apply what you have learned from your colleague that enriches your planned change and strengthens your approach.


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