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Prepare a creativity training seminar based on the following project scenario:


1) Prepare a creativity training seminar based on the following project scenario:

a) As consultants, or team of managers in charge of innovative thinking at a place of employment, put together a creativity training seminar for the rest of the employees. To do this, you have decided to use a case study to present concepts and examples of creativity in action.

2) Case Study selection, analysis, and utilization:

a) Choose a case study that you find by searching in the library,

b) Analyze the creativity of the solution used in the situation you have chosen, and then

c) Use that analysis to prepare a training seminar on the nature of “everyday creativity.”

3) Analyze the creativity of the solution used in the situation you have chosen using your knowledge of various theories and stages of creativity.

4) Make sure the training presentation on the nature of everyday creativity includes consideration of these points:

a) Assume the training session is being conducted at an organization and limited to the usual training resources.

b) Apply training to real life.

c) Include training activities you have learned about in this class or others that you find or create.

5) Formatting, length, and detail:

a) Consists of a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Discuss the bullets on the slides in your notes.

b) Includes detailed speaker notes (review these in a word document with Grammarly, then copy and paste them into the notes section.

c) Cites at least eight peer-reviewed resources from a peer-reviewed journal in your project

d) Format consistent with APA guidelines,


Here is a great outline a Training Consulting Team might use for a Training Seminar. This could be done in 7-8 slides, plus a cover slide. 50-100 words in notes.:

Introduction (we are here at XYZ organization to present our training for creativity seminar etc.)

Today’s Goal (our goal is to help your organization inspire creativity by training leaders and potential leaders, as well as recruiting employees with creative leadership potential….)

Case Study Overview (Studies such as XYZ & ABC … show that leaders and potential leaders can inspire creativity in the organization by… )

Creativity in Action (Creativity is needed and can be supported by troubleshooting, brainstorming activities, etc)

Simulation Training (Let’s give it a try with role-playing a situation …)

Onboarding (recruiting for creativity)


Complete your Learning Team Final Project: Creativity in Action: Creativity Training Seminar.


*I only need two slides done please*

Simulation training




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