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Cullington acknowledges the views of quite a few naysayers

Read “Does Texting Affect Writing?” by Michaela Cullington on pages 462 to 471 of They Say, I Say and answer questions 1 through 4 on pages 472 to 473. Submit assignment by uploading your file by Sunday.

1. Michaela Cullington makes clear in her first paragraph what viewpoint she’s responding to. What is this view (her “they say”), and what is her view (her “I say”)? What kinds of evidence does she offer in support of her argument?

2. Cullington acknowledges the views of quite a few naysayers, including teachers who believe that texting has a negative effect on their students’ writing. How—and where in her essay—does she respond to this criticism? Is her response persuasive—and if not, why not?

3. What kinds of sources does Cullington cite, and how does she incorporate their ideas in her essay? Look at paragraph 18, for instance: how well does she introduce and explain Dennis Baron’s ideas? (See pp. 45−49 on framing quotations.)

4. Cullington focuses on how texting affects writing, whereas Sherry Turkle is concerned with the way it affects communication more broadly (pp. 505−24). How do you think Cullington would respond to Turkle’s concerns?


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