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Define and explain Psychology as a social science

Discussion #5 – Availability EndsJul 4, 2021 23:59

Intro to the Social Sciences Section 201 Summer 2021 CO

Chapter 9 provides as an analysis of psychology as a social science. Chapter 10 attempts to tackle the issue of power, race and gender. Based on the readings from these chapters and information in the associated Learning Modules, provided comprehensive definitions of the following and respond to the Discussion in paragraph form.


Define and explain Psychology as a social science.

Define and explain Social Learning Theory.

(Discussion Topic) Define and explain Affirmative Action. Do you think Affirmative Action practices that have been used to redress historical and or contemporary racial and gender inequalities in America should be increased, scaled back or abolished? Why? Defend your answer.

Your post should be in paragraph form (three paragraphs).


You MUST respond to at least two other students in order to be considered for points.


You MUST post your individual response by Friday11:59 pm in order to receive any points.


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