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The ethical issues presentation will address an ethical issue associated with the practice of nursing. The issue selected for discussion should have clearly identifiable pros and cons that, when analyzed, will allow the student to form a defensible position related to the issue. Principles from identified codes of ethics should be examined in relation to the issue and position. The PowerPoint presentation should have from 12 to15 slides without counting reference and title pages

The student should address the following:

1. Define the scope of the ethical issue.

2. Examine the scope of the issue as it relates to nursing and principles identified in codes of ethics.

3. Identify at least 2 positions taken on this issue by scholarly experts in the ethics discipline.

4. Explore the future for the issue as it relates to nursing practice.

Grading Criteria for the Ethical Issue Essay:

Definition and scope of the ethical issue 20%

Scope of the issue related to the nursing profession 20%

Positions on the issue by scholarly experts 20%

Exploration of the future for the issue related to

healthcare and nursing practice 20%

Organization and presentation skills 20%

Total 100%

select one of these topics

Possible Topics for Ethical Issues Presentation

In vitro fertilization

Surrogate mothers Donor eggs for profit Selecting sex of offspring

Uses for extra embryos from in vitro fertilization Childbearing after menopause

Condom distribution in highs schools

Elective abortion

Use of monies to fund abortion for the indigent Abortion without parental consent for adolescents Transplantation of fetal tissue

Mandatory HIV testing for all pregnant women

Child abuse charges for knowingly exposing fetus to harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and environmental teratogens

Aggressive management of very premature, very low-birth weight babies

Blind testing newborns for HIV infections

Short hospital stay post-mastectomy or other radical surgery Prophylactic surgery as a means of preventing reproductive cancers

Hormone replacement therapy post-menopause Assisted suicide

Organ donation

End-of-life issues such as living wills, power of attorney, do-not- resuscitate orders

Stem cell research

Other topics as approved by faculty