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Describe the classification and the related services the individual receives (address all provision oF IDEA)

Order Instructions

Interview a family of a child with a developmental disability. Ask the parent to describe life with a special needs child. Have the parent identify how the family has been able to access services authorized by public law for their child. Include such items as: age of onset, classification, therapies or related services, their story of diagnosis (cycle of denial), family dynamics, special expenses, care-giving arrangements, and any other issues they have dealt with specific to the child with special needs. Use the questions as a guide to complete the interview. Your paper should be in paragraph form and be at least 500 words, minimum length.


This interview is due Sunday 6/26 11:50pm

Guidelines for Interview

Be sure to state the following information:

Initials, gender, age and specific classification of individual Be sure to keep confidentiality

Describe the classification and the related services the individual receives (address all provision oF IDEA)

Describe the challenges and difficulties which the person / or family has or had to overcome

Describe the problems that emerged along the way regarding family relationships, education, social life, and occupational endeavors

Describe the strategies used by the person /or family to cope with challenges and stresses pertaining to the disability

Describe how peer, parents, professionals, and the community supported or hindered this person in his/her development and pursuit of life goals

Evaluate what can be learned from this person’s experience

Based on your interview, describe the experience / feelings of parent/guardian and school collaboration.

Provide examples that are relevant to what you’ve learned from course readings and class discussions (i.e. IDEA).

Include a brief concluding paragraph describing what you learned about family and school collaboration as a result of the interview.


This assignment must be detailed, informative and address what you have learned in this course.



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